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Our physical health is often neglected as a sedentary lifestyle has become the norm due to the pandemic. However, all the pounds you've gained in the past few years don't have to stay on. You don't even have to drastically transform into a fitness buff to burn those extra calories. Instead, start by incorporating sustainable ways to keep fit with ventures that are engaging without being as intense as vigorous workouts. To help you get started, we have collected five activities that will get you moving without breaking too much sweat.


Walking is one of the best alternatives to hardcore cardio. First, it is something that we all know how to do, and there is really no wrong way of doing it. This activity has numerous benefits. It gets your heart pumping and wards off the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, like heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

You can also modify this low-impact activity to fit your lifestyle more. For example, make it a pet and parent affair and walk with your dog. Maybe even play a game of fetch afterward to burn more fat. Another way to incorporate this into your routine is to ditch the public transport and use those feet to get to nearby places instead.


If walking is not a viable alternative to public transportation, consider investing in a bicycle. This gas-free mode of transport engages your leg and hamstring muscles, all while getting a good cardio workout in. It is also environmentally friendly and a therapeutic way to get to places. However, biking is not limited to the outdoors, as not everyone has the luxury to do so. Indoor cycling and spinning machines are notable options for those who want to keep fit at home.

Immersive Games

Picking up a new skill or two is a more than ideal way to burn off that extra fat. Try a new immersive game that will speed up your heart rate or revisit an old passion that kept you moving if you have the time. A good example would be indoor golf. While the sport is not as strenuous, it does engage its players physically. Therefore, golf simulators would be an excellent investment for your physical health.


Try tapping into your musical side and dance to the rhythm of your favorite songs. Dancing is one of the most enjoyable fat-burning activities to date. It has a psychological effect and stimulates oxytocin production, which is a surefire way to make you feel good while you move. You'll have so much entertainment you won't notice how many calories you are burning.

Household Chores

While doing household chores may be a dreadful task, it does keep you active at home. Whether it's a deep clean or a quick polish, it is always better than just laying in bed. So cancel that service you hired and start caring for your home more. Although it is a heavy responsibility, it does not have to be an awful experience. It just takes some inspiration and the right amount of effort to turn your house into a home and get fit in the process.