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How can I send a news tip, photo or video to the newsroom?

Please share your tips and content with us via our content upload address.

How do I send a letter to the editor?

All letters must be SIGNED and include the writer’s full name, address (not postal) and telephone number.

Send them to Letters to the Editor, email office@newscompany.com.au. Include full address and telephone number.

Keep them short and keep copies. They may be edited for legal reasons or clarity.

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About Pitch Engine Australia

Pitch Engine Australia is powered by NEWS Company We assist businesses with publicity and the creation of media buzz

We are a part of a large media group that works with business managers to promote their products, services or events. Our publicity service assists startups and existing online and bricks and mortar businesses to promote people, new products and new branches

Contact us to discuss social media, sponsored content and native content opportunities. Email office@newscompany.com.au

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