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  1. Jacobson Pharma’s Proposed Spin-off and Separate Listing of JBM (Healthcare) Limited on The Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited
  2. 嘉里物流聯網於中國滄州開設化工物流中心 捕捉化工物流市場潛力
  3. Kerry Logistics Network Opens Chemical Logistics Centre in Cangzhou China To Capture Market Potential in Chemical Logistics
  4. 第六屆香港食品安全論壇完滿結束
  5. Global Industry Leaders Highlighted Food Safety Issues in Times of Pandemic at the 6th Food Safety Forum
  6. 亞洲金牛獎持續開疆拓境 首屆臺灣亞洲金牛獎成績揭曉名單
  7. 疫情下Bigo Live逆勢成長,1/21號串流媒體盛典眾所矚目
  8. Johnson Electric reports Business and Unaudited Financial Information for the Third Quarter of Financial Year 2020/21
  9. 德昌電機公佈2020/21財政年度第三季度業務及未經審核財務資料
  10. Rhotex Inc Launches Environmentally-Sound Options to Crypto Mining
  11. KEF Creates Maximum Bass in Minimum Space with New Uni-Core Technology
  12. Bears in the air: DHL flies two Himalayan brown bears to their new homes
  13. 世界最大級のニュースチャンネルCNNがお送りする 特別番組『Local Hero』 オリンピックに先駆けて5名の日本人アスリートを特集
  14. New Inject/Eject Mechanism from Southco Simplifies Installation and Operation with Tool Free Operation
  15. Cree/Wolfspeedが電気バス市場でのシリコンカーバイド素技術の運用を積極的に推進
  16. 中大商學院研究發現當一個人躋身管理層後會變得更盡責
  17. Cree | Wolfspeed, 전기 버스 시장에 실리콘 카바이드 응용 적극 추진
  18. Marine Stewardship Council: Assortment of top chefs combine for sustainable seafood cookbook
  19. 홍콩중문대 경영대학원, 관리자로 승진 시 근면 성실함 강화된다는 연구 결과 발표
  20. Huntkey góp mặt tại sự kiện All-Digital CES 2021
  21. Huntkey Presents at the All-Digital CES 2021
  22. 中大商学院研究发现当一个人跻身管理层后会变得更尽责
  23. CUHK Business School Research Finds People Adapt and Grow More Conscientious When Promoted to Supervisory Roles at Work
  24. 공구 없는 작동 방식으로 설치와 운영을 간소화하는 사우스코의 새로운 인젝트/이젝트 메커니즘
  25. 索斯科全新助推/助拔装置打破工具操作传统
  26. Donnie Yen appointed as International Image Ambassador of Hong Kong Fire Services Department
  27. Kincentric Best Employers in Malaysia Embrace the Next Normal in Extraordinary Ways
  28. 募資42.12億港幣,保利協鑫深度聚焦主業,以科技研發優勢發力顆粒硅
  29. 憂慮規管商場營業時間 掀新一波商戶結業潮 要求政府暫停研究商場提早關門政策
  30. 聖安娜餅屋 推行「美味暖意助社群」計劃 捐贈港幣二百萬麵包現金券予樂餉社 攜手為有需要人士送上熱烘烘的愛與關懷
  31. 快樂蜂集團榮獲兩項國際卓越僱主大獎
  32. DHL Express continues to strengthen its global aviation network with the purchase of eight additional Boeing 777 Freighters
  33. American Express Malaysia on building a culture of transparency and trust through colleague experience
  34. 永續能源成為人才市場重心
  35. 疫情期間網上花店銷量逆流而上 尚禮坊預測情人節或出現永生花訂購潮
  36. Give Gift Boutique Predicts A Sales Boom of Preserved Flowers on Valentine's Day Due to The Growing Demand of Floral Gifts During COVID-19
  37. Employment in Taiwan Gains Optimism in 2021 Driven By Growth in Sustainable Energy
  38. MeCan Trade – Dagangan Sosial yang Pertama – Dilancarkan untuk Membantu rakyat Malaysia menjalankan perniagaan Melangkaui Sempadan Tanpa Modal Atau Risiko
  39. MeCan Trade启动首个社群商务平台 协助大马人实现零成本零风险跨界营销
  40. MeCan Trade - the 1st Social Commerce - Launched To Help Malaysians Trade Across Borders Without Capital Nor Risk
  41. South Korean Startup bitsensing Introduces the Smallest Radar for a Health Monitoring System at CES 2021
  42. 7-Eleven新年禮盒購物優惠第一賞
  43. BDO 调查:第四年环境、社会及管治报告调查显示大部分上市公司在环境、社会及管治范畴的整体参与情况取得进展,但仍不足以符合经修订指引
  44. BDO 調查:第四年環境、社會及管治報告調查顯示大部分上市公司在環境、社會及管治範疇的整體參與情況取得進展,但仍不足以符合經修訂指引
  45. BDO Survey: Fourth-year ESG reporting performance survey shows the evolvement in overall ESG involvement of majority listed companies but which remain inadequate to meet the requirements of the Revised Guide
  46. Joinland Group Anticipates Better 2021
  47. Plus Renewables and 424 Capital Enter into a Merger Agreement for Asset Management Businesses in North America
  48. TÜV萊茵香港公司成為中國強制性產品認證(CCC)指定實驗室
  49. TÜV Rheinland Hong Kong launches China Compulsory Certification (CCC) services for electrical and electronic products
  50. AOC《特戰英豪》大師賽 印尼隊伍Alter Ego盡佔優勢 將總決賽推向高潮
  51. AOC Masters Tournament Peaks on A High Note With Indonesia’s Alter Ego Reigns Supreme
  52. DHL Global Forwarding promotes two executives to key leadership roles in Asia Pacific
  53. Shopmatic Set to Turn Cash Positive in 2021
  54. Influential Brands Recognises Leading Asian Businesses That Demonstrates Outstanding Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  55. Prudential Launches New Research that Underscores Critical Role of Technology in Improving Healthcare in Asia
  56. Cisco Appoints New President and Chairman for Asia Pacific, Japan Greater China
  57. CIFI’s contracted sales grew significantly by 36% YoY to record high of RMB30.98 billion in December 2020
  58. 旭輝2020年12月份合同銷售人民幣309.8億元,創歷史新高,按年增加約36%
  59. Enjoy Half Price Hot Americanos from 7Café every Monday!
  60. Elite Personal Training Studio HK adapted to COVID-19 to enable everyone to work out in the comfort of their own home
  61. Jollibee Foods Corporation Recognized with Two Global Employer Excellence Awards
  62. SunMirror AG Plans CHF 70 Million Raise to Fuel Growth
  63. 「日本產食材支援店」聯乘推廣活動「日全食–食盡日本滋味」舉辦通知
  64. Bread Garden Unveils Chinese New Year Goodies Collection 2021 with Launch of New Website
  65. งานวิจัยใหม่ของ EIU ระบุผู้บริหารเอเชียสี่ในสิบคนกล่าวว่าการเผยตนว่าเป็น บุคคลที่มีความหล
  66. Nghiên cứu mới của EIU: Bốn trên 10 giám đốc điều hành người châu Á cho rằng cá nhân công khai thuộc cộng đồng LGBT sẽ gặp cản trở trong công việc
  67. Empat di antara sepuluh eksekutif Asia mengatakan bahwa keterbukaan sebagai LGBT akan menghalangi karier seseorang, menurut penelitian terbaru dari EIU
  68. 아시아 지역 기업 임원 10명 중 4명은 LGBT 정체성 공개가 커리어에 악영향 미칠 수 있다고 생각해: EIU 연구
  69. アジア企業の経営層の4割が「LGBTであることを公表するとキャリアの障害になる」と回答-エコノミスト・グループの調査部門が最新の調査結果を発表
  70. 經濟學人智庫(EIU)研究顯示,十位亞洲員工中有四位認為,公開LGBT身份會阻礙事業發展
  71. 经济学人智库最新研究显示,十分之四的亚洲高管表示,公开LGBT身份会妨碍自己的职业发展
  72. Dachser首趟西行列車從中國蘇州直達德國路德維希港
  73. Dachser首趟西行列车从中国苏州直达德国路德维希港
  74. Dachser organized its first westbound block train from China to Germany
  75. ‘IT Digital’, ‘Business Operations’, and ‘Sales’ Are The Top Functions Companies Are Looking to Augment in a Post-Pandemic Environment
  76. Spackman Entertainment Group’s #ALIVE the number one Asian film on Netflix U.S. in 2020
  77. The Innovation of LikeLib 2.0 Redefines Public Chain Technology
  78. 信和集团联合粤港澳大湾区顶级制作公司 举办网络研讨会 探讨动态影像设计行业前景 分享「艺术科技」发展
  79. 旭輝發行4.19億美元票息4.375%之6.25年期美元高息票據
  80. CIFI issues US$419 million senior notes at a coupon rate of 4.375% with a 6.25-year maturity
  81. Burkhard Eling出任Dachser首席执行官
  82. Burkhard Eling 接任 Dachser CEO 職位
  83. Burkhard Eling takes up role of CEO at Dachser
  84. 筑友智造迅速崛起 2020年销量飙升72%
  85. DIT Group grew rapidly in 2020 with 72% increase in sales volume
  86. Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) facilitates upskilling reskilling with online MBAs courses
  87. 太阳城集团2021年展望
  88. 太陽城集團2021年展望
  89. Suncity Group Announces 2021 Outlook
  90. NEFIN與香港浸信會神學院合作為綠色校園實現碳中和目標
  91. NEFIN in Partnership with Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary (HKBTS) Embrace Carbon Neutrality for a Green Campus
  92. NHK WORLD-JAPAN thám hiểm trận siêu sóng thần
  93. NHK WORLD-JAPAN นำสำรวจความหายนะของคลื่นยักษ์สึนามิ
  94. NHK WORLD-JAPAN menelusuri Mega-Tsunami
  95. 皇家SPA酒店获评 中国五星级温泉
  96. 皇家SPA酒店獲評「中國五星級溫泉」
  97. Royal SPA Hotel was rated as China's Five-Star Hot Spring
  98. NHK WORLD-JAPAN to explore Mega-Tsunami
  99. Samsung Electronics Appoints New President CEO for Southeast Asia Oceania
  100. HKGSEO 提供免費網站 SEO 分析及咨詢服務
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