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  1. 【八万四千 • 佛典传译】发布新动画宣传片,以倡导保护佛教文本
  2. Teledyne e2v의 최신 반도체 제품 포트폴리오, 자일링스의 우주용 등급 FPGA의 지원 받음
  3. Teledyne e2v、Xilinx社の宇宙グレードFPGA製品をサポートする最新の半導体製品群を発表
  4. Space-Grade FPGAs from Xilinx Supported by Latest Additions to Teledyne e2v’s Semiconductor Product Portfolio
  5. Pegasus Development AG: Green light for multiple production sites worldwide
  6. 84000, 불교 경전 보존을 위한 애니메이션 비디오 캠페인 전개
  7. 84000 Launches an Animation Video to Preserve Buddhist Texts
  8. 84000 ra mắt video cổ vũ bảo tồn Kinh Phật
  9. 八万四千:仏典翻訳プロジェクト、仏典保護のためのアニメーション動画を開始
  10. 84000 ဝဘ်ဆိုက်သည် ဗုဒ္ဓစာပေများကို ထိန်းသိမ်းရန် အန်နီမေးရှင်းဗီဒီယိုတစ်ကားကို စတင်ထုတ်လွှင
  11. 84000 เปิดตัววิดีโอแอนิเมชันเพื่อธำรงรักษาเนื้อหาเกี่ยวกับศาสนาพุทธ
  12. NTUC LearningHub Survey: Adaptive Skills Most Critical to Business Viability in Covid-19 Era, According to Employers
  13. #ENDWILDLIFECRIME Initiative Aims to End Wildlife Crime - For Good.
  14. Cushman Wakefield Research Predicts New Normal for Workplace
  15. 戴德梁行《工作場所的未來》報告預測辦公場所未來新常態
  16. Achiko Limited: Achiko extends platform to tackle Indonesia's Covid-19 pandemic problem
  17. COOCAA TV Bounce Back Sale | Up to 50% Off on Lazada Philippines
  18. Singapore's LABMED shipped over 20 million masks to meet global demand
  19. Pegasus Development AG seizes the moment to present its new brand Pegastril - Nuevo
  20. LEGACY傳誠行政總裁Marvin Lau帶領300名義工在港發起 里程同心齊抗疫 社區服務活動
  21. Marvin Lau, chief executive officer of LEGACY, led 300 volunteers for a community service in Hong Kong entitled Ending the Epidemic Together
  22. Floristique, Singapore-based Online Florist Defies the Odds Comes Out on Top this Mother's Day
  23. Ingenico推出強用戶身份驗證(SCA)優化套件,助力跨境支付的合規化
  24. 银捷尼科推出强用户身份验证(SCA)优化套件,助力跨境支付的合规化
  25. Ingenico’s new SCA Accelerator Suite speeds up compliance
  26. Pro Bono Consultation for COVID Communications Clinic with Members of the Global Group, Public Relations Network (PRN)
  27. iQIYI Youth With You Season 2 Perfectly Ends, and THE9 Girls Make Their Debut Formally
  28. va-Q-tec supports pharmaceutical industry in Asia with worldwide logistics of COVID-19 diagnostic kits
  29. Business Insider announces new Singapore newsroom
  30. Forest City Malaysia Gives Priority to Mangrove Conservation
  31. TV Coocaa S6G phá kỷ lục bán hàng online với 1000 sản phẩm tại livestream của Lazada Việt Nam
  32. Coocaa S6G TV breaks e-commerce live streaming record on Lazada Vietnam with 1000 in sales
  33. 花旗集團基金捐贈十五萬美元予樂餉社 為香港五千六百個弱勢基層家庭提供主要食糧
  34. Citi Foundation Donates US$150,000 to Feeding Hong Kong for the Provision of Staple Food Supplies to 5,600 Vulnerable Households
  35. Food and beverage (F B) businesses to speed their digital transformation with digital marketing programme subsidised by Enterprise Singapore
  36. CUHK Business School Research Finds Being Beautiful is Not Always an Advantage When Soliciting Online Charitable Donations
  37. VetterがAxia Best Managed Companies Awardを受賞
  38. Vetter wins Axia Best Managed Companies Award
  39. Asia Cloud Computing Association: Covid-19 Economic Resilience and Recovery Capability Reflected in the Cloud Readiness Index 2020
  40. 홍콩중문대 경영대학원, 매력적인 외모가 온라인 자선 모금에 반드시 도움이 되진 않는다는 연구 결과 발표
  41. 中大商学院研究发现貌美募捐者在网上筹款时不一定有优势
  42. 中大商學院研究發現貌美募捐者在網上籌款時不一定有優勢
  43. Element AI Announces Collaboration with Veritas Consortium led by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to Support Development of Framework for Responsible Use of AI in the Financial Industry
  44. Spackman Entertainment Group’s Upcoming Movie #ALIVE, Starring Yoo Ah-in of Spackman Media Group and Park Shin-hye, To Be Released in Korea on 24 June 2020
  45. #SLHFORHEROES: 全球奢華精品酒店贈1000房晚給全球抗疫英雄
  46. #SLHFORHEROES: Small Luxury Hotels of the World Says Thank You with a 1000 Nights Giveaway
  47. #SLHFORHEROES: 全球奢华精品酒店赠1000房晚给全球抗疫英雄
  48. South Africa’s Mama Money Expands Global Reach with Western Union
  49. Infor獲Nucleus Research評為勞動力管理價值矩陣的領導者
  50. Infor被Nucleus Research评为劳动力管理价值矩阵的领导者
  51. Nucleus Research Recognizes Infor as Leader in Workforce Management in Latest Value Matrix
  52. Infor被Nucleus Research譽為勞動力管理價值矩陣的領導者
  53. 사우스코, 고정식 디스플레이에 최적화된 새로운 모니터 거치대 시리즈 출시
  54. Southco Releases New Display Mount Series Designed for Static Applications
  55. 索斯科推出專為固定應用設計的新型顯示屏幕支臂系列
  56. 索斯科发布专为静态应用设计的新型显示屏支臂系列
  57. GEODIS Supports Rising Medical Company LabMed To Supply Health Protection Goods to Europe And North America
  58. AI and Data Platform, SENTIENT.IO closed Series A Round led by Japanese digital media enterprises
  59. Trend Micro Research Finds Trust Lacking Within the Cybercriminal Underground
  60. 趨勢科技研究發現網絡罪犯缺乏互信
  61. MIMS COVID-19 webcast draws record turnout
  62. GBG Predator with Machine Learning Simplifies and Improves Fraud Detection for Credit Card, Mobile, Digital Payments and Digital Banking Transactions
  63. 第三屆「創業快綫」決選下月舉行
  64. Teledyne e2v의 보드 레벨 하드웨어를 통해 최신 Ka Band DAC로 선제적 실험 가능
  65. GeTS helps GEODIS to simplify cross-border trade declarations and Customs connectivity through CALISTA™
  66. Công Bố Ngày và Địa Điểm Mới để Tổ Chức Seafood Expo Asia (Triển Lãm Hải Sản Châu Á)
  67. ประกาศวันที่และสถานที่ใหม่สำหรับงาน Seafood Expo Asia
  68. Seafood Expo Asia의 새로운 날짜와 장소 발표
  69. シーフード・エキスポ・アジアの開催日と開催地が決定
  70. Pengumuman Tanggal dan Lokasi Baru untuk Seafood Expo Asia
  71. Teledyne e2v, 우주용 애플리케이션을 위한 최초의 Radiation(내방사선) DDR4 메모리 공개
  72. Teledyne e2v、初の耐放射線宇宙アプリケーション用DDR4メモリを発表
  73. Teledyne e2v Introduces First Radiation-Tolerant DDR4 Memory for Space Applications
  74. 古兜控股有限公司革新转型
  75. Teledyne e2v、Kaバンドに対応する最新のDAC製品と先行実験を可能にする評価ボードの供給開始を発表
  76. Teledyne e2v提供板级硬件允许客户提前测试最新的Ka波段DAC
  77. Teledyne e2v 提供客戶搶先實驗最新的 Ka 頻段 DAC 板級硬體
  78. Board-Level Hardware from Teledyne e2v Enables Preemptive Experimentation with Latest Ka-Band DACs
  79. Gudou Holdings Limited Embark on Revitalisation and Transformation
  80. 古兜控股有限公司革新轉型
  81. SJIS Moves to Online Teaching Virtual Tours with Great Success
  82. Youth With You 2 Mentor Cooperation Stage Will Open, iQIYI Concentrates on Creating High-quality Content
  83. Teledyne e2v、Xilinxの最新の FPGA製品に対応する 高速データコンバージョンプラットフォームを開発
  84. Teledyne e2v, 최신식 자일링스 FPGA에 활용되는 고속 데이터 변환 플랫폼 개발
  85. Teledyne e2v开发高速数据转换平台,以配合最新的Xilinx现场可编程门阵列器件
  86. Teledyne e2v 開發適用於最新賽靈思 FPGA 的高速數據轉換平台
  87. Teledyne e2v Develops High-Speed Data Conversion Platform to Accompany Latest Xilinx FPGAs
  88. 2020 GCSA: Creating a Sustainable World by Recognizing Those Who are Building It
  89. Hysan Development's Bizhouse Launch
  90. 希慎延續銅鑼灣區生活與工作的繽紛多元化
  91. Gaw Capital Partners raises GBP 28.5 million in mezzanine financing from Samsung Securities and KB Asset Management to refinance London offices
  92. Agora: 国际摄影师在 StayHome全球摄影大赛 上展示了2019新冠肺炎在全世界造成的封锁隔离情景
  93. Amazon Singapore Launches First Online Baby Fair and #TheAmazingBabies Contest
  94. Tanoto Foundation Donates PPEs to Further Combat COVID-19 in Singapore
  95. SQREEM Ranks Amongst Top 100 in the Financial Time’s List of Fastest Growing Companies in Asia Pacific
  96. X0PA AI Unveils new AI Enabled Video Interview on Demand Platform
  97. Being Adaptable is no longer a choice: APAC's largest study on State of HR Transformation 2020 By Alight Solutions People Matters
  98. Agora: International Photographers Reveal What COVID-19 Lockdown Looks Like Around the World in #StayHome Global Photo Contest
  99. 亚洲海鲜展公布新展会日期和地点
  100. 亞洲海鮮展公佈新展會日期和地點