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Did you know 1.7 billion people worldwide live off-grid? That number also grows each year!

You have likely heard the term "off the grid," but what does off the grid mean? The definition may have evolved over the years, but the concept has stayed relatively consistent. Off-grid, when it comes to your home, generally means not depending on public utilities.

How can you transform your home to be off-grid? Keep reading, and we'll help you discover how to be self-sufficient while using renewable energy.

What Does Off The Grid Mean?

So, what does off the grid mean? It can mean different things to different people. There are varying degrees, from living a primitive lifestyle to living a sustainable life. Many consider switching off-grid so they can reduce the amount of energy and resources they consume. People have more control over their lives by adding renewable energy to their properties and cutting themselves off from things like municipal water systems.

How to Live Off the Grid

Start small, and look for ways to start living a more self-sufficient lifestyle now. Do you have property? Maybe you can grow your own food. Teach yourself carpentry, and learn different homestead skills to make your switch to off-grid easier when the time comes.

You will also need to learn about any permits you may need to build the off-grid home of your dreams. Take a look at home plans, and figure out the kind of power, water, and sewage systems you would like to install. Learning about off-grid living first can help you prepare for anything that may come your way.

Living off-grid is less something you do and more of a lifestyle you adopt. It's something you do every day of your life, so making the switch gradually can be helpful for some.

How to Produce Your Own Power

To produce your own power, you'd need to put a home power grid in place. You can run solar panels and set up entire systems using companies like blueravensolar.com/georgia/atlanta/.

Do some research to find out what kind of off-grid system is right for you. You have a choice of wind, water, and solar. Solar energy is great because the sun will be around for billions of more years, and you can easily set up battery systems to store power for days when the sun isn't shining as brightly. Scope out a piece of property that gets great sun exposure, and you're golden.

Do You Want to Live Off the Grid?

You started this article thinking, "what does off the grid mean?" And now you know! Living off-grid can be rewarding for many people. You are self-sufficient and can live free of public utilities. Over the years, this can save you money and separate you from the everyday grind.

If you choose to live this life, it will change your way of thinking; some of our other articles can also change your way of thinking. Make sure to check out our posts about various topics, like business, news, and lifestyle.