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The installation of photovoltaic modules has gained momentumin Europe over the last years. The current regulations and technological improvements of these systems provide higher and faster profitability many buyers have not hesitated in taking advantage of.

At the same time, demand has also been driven by an increasingly diverse and specialised supply.

Kaseel Solar stands out among the most popular companies providing these types of products, and its 144-cell photovoltaic modules in particular generate a lot of interest.

Kaseel Solar HC 144: Photovoltaic module features

All Kaseel Solar modules are specifically designed to provide as much efficiency as possible. The Kaseel Solar 144-cell model is particularly noteworthy in this area.

Thanks to its advanced manufacturing technology and incorporated Half Cell technology, these 144-cell monocrystalline modules offer an efficiency of up to 20.37%, with an output between 425 W and 450 W and withstand extreme weather conditions and potential induced degradation (PID).

TheKaseel Solar HC 144model is currently the number one-selling option preferred by both installers and customers who want to get the most out of self-consumption.

Besides its efficiency, the durability of these Kaseel Solar monocrystalline modules is one of its best valued features.

In addition to withstanding weather conditions such as hail, they withstand high temperatures very well, and their performance is not affected in the slightest even in extremely high temperatures.

They also provide excellent results in low light conditions, mainly because they are manufactured with advanced glass, and their surface guarantees optimum performance, regardless of how much light they get.

Thanks to their aluminium frame, Kaseel Solar HC 144 modules can also withstand wind loads of up to 2,400Pa and snow loads of up to 5,400Pa.

Kaseel Solar: Solar panel catalogue

Kaseel Solar is one of the leading companies in the photovoltaic module sector in Europe. The Kaseel Solar HC 144 model is the best-selling model due to its durability, efficiency, and adaptability to any environment.

However, the company’s catalogue is extensive, including innovative models that can guarantee high capacity for all interested customers.

In polycrystalline cells, for example, it offers the KSPP-60 model, another popular version among customers worldwide, ideal if you do not need as much capacity as that of KSPP-72.

The KSPM-60, KSPM-72 and KSPM-60F models stand out among its high-performance solar modules, and the latter has a Full Black design.

Why Kaseel Solar?

Most customers know and choose Kaseel Solar products (KSHC-144 model or others) because of the company’s experience, among other things.

The company was founded at the beginning of the 20th century in Hesse (Germany). At a time when engineering was not as developed as it is today, and effective usage of solar energy was not achieved until decades later.

After almost 20 years of investing the production of solar modules, the company has earned enough experience to become a sector leader, developing products that are used in multiple professional sectors for a wide range of clients across the globe.

Today, this long-lived investment has expanded internationally, and Kaseel Solar now has a presence in 6 continents. It distributes up to 735 MW per year, becoming one of the leaders in the global photovoltaic industry.

Currently, Kaseel has a presence in the European, Moroccan, South African, Chilean, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, and Shenzhen markets, in addition to a growing list of regions, where its reliable German panels are supporting electrical generation services and power plant optimisation services, as well as improving the life quality of the people in these areas.

To achieve this, the efficiency of its solar panels is deemed to be the main attraction of the company. In fact, each panel is strictly tested in order to ensure that it meets the brand’s European quality standards.

The experience, technology, durability, and efficiency of each product are the reasons why Kassel Solar provides security when compared to other current photovoltaic panel brands.

The German company also focuses its business on self-consumption. All the products are designed to strengthen the market and to improve the life quality of its customers.

Why photovoltaic panels?

Investment in these solar panels has increased over the past years. Regulatory flexibility and even investment incentives are increasing the interest of consumers and businesses.

In addition, it contributes to raising social awareness thanks to the environmental benefits of installing photovoltaic panels such as those developed by Kaseel Solar.

Photovoltaic panelsreducecarbon footprints and help in the fight against climate change, since renewable energy is the cleanest alternative for the environment.

Due to no waste being generated, solar panels are considered to be one of the best ways to reduce environmental pollution, helping us to enjoy a healthier world.

In addition, renewable energy is independent and natural. It is not limited by area and can be used all over the world.This is one of the foundations behind the international growth of solar panels and is one of the main reasons why these products are increasingly present in more and more countries.

On an economic level, the installation of photovoltaic panels increases the value of properties and provides savings on owners’ electricity bills.

With these benefits, the reasoning behind more and more people investing in these facilities for their homes is logical. They provide systematic savings based on self-consumption while increasing the future selling price of the property.

Overall, Kaseel Solar develops solar panels not just to improve the lives of those who use the products, but also to help the sustainability of our planet.

The German company’s solar panel help to supply electric energy as cleanly as possible, thereby contributing to the creation of a greener, healthier, and more sustainable planet.