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  • Written by Lara Buck

Concrete flooring is popular in all modern buildings, in both exterior and interior spaces. There are many benefits of concrete floors, which look more aesthetic when properly polished by skilled professionals. They fill the holes on the concrete surface with a concrete densifier, to render the desired smoothness of the floor. They can use convenient grinding equipment for obtaining the aggregate exposure of the concrete flooring, and the desired glaze of the concrete surface. However, the amount of exposure and shine of the polished concrete flooring depends on the desire of house owners.

Beneficial Reasons for Installing Polished Concrete Flooring:

High longevity – The polished surface of concrete flooring can withstand the weight of huge foot traffic, and the pressure of bulky furniture items. The polished concrete floors are very less likely to be damaged for any circumstance, people can expect these floors to last for a lifetime. Thus, concrete floors are more long-lasting than even the best quality marble, and vinyl tiles. It does not suffer any scratch or chip easily, for which its glazed appearance remains intact for years.

Least maintenance – People need not put in much effort for the regular maintenance of their concrete floors. They only need to sweep with a broom and mop the flooring surface with a damp cloth, to eliminate all dirt and dust particles every day. An occasional scrubbing with a floor cleaning agent will help to retain the glaze of polished concrete flooring for years. Since the polished version of the concrete surface is tightly packed and has no pores, this flooring is resistant to all stains and it does not need vigorous scrubbing.

Availability of many designs – Though concrete flooring has a natural gray shade, they can apply the coloured concrete for constructing floors by adding dyes of different colours to the concrete mixture. Skilled professionals can create engraved patterns or attractive graphic designs on the concrete floor surface, for rendering a unique aesthetic look to the flooring. Concrete floors may appear more elegant than other flooring varieties.

More environment-friendly – No harmful chemical product is used while constructing concrete floors, for which this flooring option is safe for the surrounding environment. Similarly, no chemical cleaner is needed for the maintenance of these floors. The high-quality polished concrete flooring surface does not develop any crack or crevice. Hence, there is no chance of the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi on the dirt trapped in such narrow gaps. They can apply an anti-microbial coating over the flooring for extra protection.

Resistant to water and heat – Though the ordinary concrete floors can be slippery for moisture or liquids, the polished surface of concrete flooring is waterproof. The polishing procedure seals the entry of water and other liquids deep into the concrete layer. The application of an epoxy coating can make the polished concrete floors slip-resistant, which is a safety feature for people treading on this surface. Some thermal coatings may be applied over concrete floors, to prevent any damage for high atmospheric temperature or hot water.

Affordable cost – Concrete is much cheaper building material than wood, marble, and vinyl tiles. However, the complication of the laying the concrete flooring decides its cost, counting the labour charges. If the concrete slabs already exist over the sub-flooring layer, then the costs of only staining, additional coating, and polishing are more affordable. This flooring option is more cost-effective for all house owners.

However, it is essential to hire the most knowledgeable and reliable flooring contractor, for the construction of polished concrete floors with all the desired benefits.

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