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  • Written by Daniel Clark

Immunisations are an effective method to protect yourself from harmful diseases; it is a simple and safe method of doing so. It protects yourself and the community since it is also a method of spreading the effects of a preventable disease. Getting vaccinated is a good method of improving your level of immunization against all threats and disease. In fact, vaccines contain several antigens and adjuvants that help boost one's immunity.

Vaccines are usually purpose-built to protect against a specific disease hence each vaccine is unique and there are many different vaccines to treat a wide range of diseases. However, it often happens that parents get worried due to some of the other reasons when it comes vaccinating their children. This article goes on to describe some of the common issues parents tend to be worried about when it comes to vaccination. It is a must-read for those in Strathpine, searching for a medical centre.

Common reasons why Parents Worry

Vaccines are provided by many medical centres like the Elite Med Family Medical Centre. Parents hesitate to vaccinate their child for several reasons, some of these reasons are listed here:

  • Side effects of the vaccine: It is common knowledge that some vaccines have several side effects however, this is not true for all the vaccines. In fact, medical treatments and medicines do tend to have side effects, some of the most common side effects include soreness and a slight fever. It is quite rare for one to have any serious side effects. For parents who are overly paranoid about vaccinating their child, there is a database that consists of information on the side effects of all vaccines.

  • Several parents are also worried about a few misconceptions like that Autism is caused as a result of a side effect of being vaccinated. There are several reasons for this myth however, this is not true. In fact, expensive research has been made on this matter and no link has been found between autism and vaccinations.

  • A few parents believe that vaccines end up overwhelming the immune system, especially since kids tend to be given several vaccines when they are young and at times they are administered multiple vaccines at a time. It may happen that a child has a fever and minor side effects due to a vaccine however it is important to remember that this is for a greater good. Vaccines help a child fight against dangerous diseases like polio, Haemophilus, influenza, chickenpox, etc. Hence parents need to concentrate on the good that vaccines accomplish and not on the minor and harmless side effects.

  • Additives are used in several vaccines and they are mainly for the purpose of using as a preservative. Such additives tend to contain mercury and other elements. However, mercury has not been directly linked to any disease hence is usually not considered harmful. This has been removed from most vaccines except for a few which consisted of multi-dose vials. There are several other additives used in many other vaccines like aluminium. Again the purpose of this additive is to ensure the vaccine is safe to use and more effective hence there this is not a cause for concern. Thus parents, who are worried about the additives commonly found in the vaccines it is a good idea to do some research on this matter instead of worrying about it.

  • Some of the other misconceptions that many parents are worried about vaccines not being properly tested or safe to use. However, all these misconceptions have no basis, since they are all highly tested prior to being made available. Besides which they are also highly effective and way more effective than natural immunity.