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  • Written by Lara Buck

Hot water is essential for bathing, washing, and household cleaning jobs during freezing winter. So house owners of colder regions need to install hot water systems to get a continuous supply of warm water for daily use. They can buy an electric water heater or a gas hot water system, according to their requirements and affordability. There are also options for water heaters with storage tanks or tankless heaters, which can be chosen as per need.

Several Benefits of Using Hot Water Systems in Winter:

  • Different sizes – Water heaters are available in various sizes in the market. So consumers can buy according to the number of their family members and their requirement. The hot water systems with storage tanks are available with the capacity of 20 – 80 gallons, which can fulfil the needs of any common household. Similarly, instant water heaters are also available with various capacities of heating water at a time.

  • Easy installation – It is simple to install electrical or gas water and no professional expertise is needed to do this job, saving the installation costs. As these heaters are mostly lightweight and can be handled easily, house owners do not find it tough to mount these devices on their exterior or interior walls, as per the nature of these units. Only a limited space is needed for mounting a water heater on the wall.

  • High energy efficiency – The water is heated very quickly in these hot water systems, saving a large amount of energy. They switch on the instant water heaters only when needed and need only a nominal amount of electrical or gas energy for heating water. Buyers should check the energy rating of the appliance before buying the water heater offered by any reputed brand. Hence, the monthly expense of the utility bills does not rise for using a water heater in winter.

  • Affordable costs – The marked prices of domestic hot water systems are available at affordable rates, which may not be beyond reach for common people. There is no installation charge and the operational cost is the minimum for any water heater, as there is no loss of heat during the heating process. These water heaters are cheaper than many household appliances and highly durable.

  • Much longer life – It hot water systems can last for 10 – 20 years which justifies its price. The longevity of a gas water heater with a storage tank is approximately 10 years while tankless electrical heaters may have the average longevity of 20 years. Thus, the purchase of a water heater is a long-term investment for the comfort of one’s family.

  • Easy maintenance – The water heaters can be repaired easily, homeowners can detach and fix the parts conveniently. There are no pipes or fuss. Since an electrical water heater does not have any pipe, the repair of this device is simpler and can be done more quickly than a gas water heater.

  • Suitable for the environment – Both electrical and gas hot water systems do not emit any harmful gas into the surrounding atmosphere. Hence, the boilers of these appliances are not responsible for air pollution and can be termed as environment-friendly.

All these above-mentioned benefits and more details can be known from the sales representatives of showrooms, from where house owners buy their hot water systems. Since these water heaters produce hot water very quickly, users can get a steady supply of warm water whenever needed. They need not wait for heating the water for having a comfortable bath before going to their workplace.