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Nowadays, our social media is flooded with influencers - people with large followings that are paid by companies to influence their followers into using a product. If you’re thinking of becoming an influencer, here are a few things we thought you should take into consideration.


Most Influencers Start Out By Buying Followers

Don’t feel bad when you look at your followers list of less than 200, you can gain followers like every other influencer by using services like SocialWick. However, be sure not to use bots for this purpose, because your account will definitely be penalized. We like the aforementioned website because it gives you real followers for a low cost. From that base of followers, you can quickly grow to have a full-fledged influencer’s account. Remember that most social media platforms have an algorithm that favors accounts with more followers or subscribers, so as your accounts gain momentum you will find exponential growth as well. 

Market, Don’t Advertise

It is important for influencers to realize that they are not advertising products. Instead, their job is to create a desire within their followers to own a product. More often than not, influencers simply don’t mention the products that they are marketing. For example, influencers that focus on fashion could post photos of their “outfit for the day” and leave it at that. Companies pay them to put on the clothes because they know that it will influence the consumer’s purchasing decisions. That is, the company anticipates that followers scrolling through the feed who see the outfit will likely try to buy that outfit if they are out shopping, because the followers like the influencer’s “sense of style”

Influencers Need To Live The Lifestyle To Be Successful

Outsiders often fail to realize that really popular influencers can sometimes feel like celebrities. They can’t go anywhere without being approached, and the job basically turns into a lifestyle. They may spend their entire days going from one venue to another in hopes of getting more sponsors or finding things to post online. It may be a new way to make money, but no one said it was easy.

The most important thing that an aspiring influencer must do is stick to their niche market and brand identity. For example, if the influencer is mainly focused on food, they should stick to posting about food related topics. There is no room for fashion, technology, or anything else. As for brand identity, there should be a persona that an influencer develops, and most of them stick to that specific persona. For example, if their social media is all about trying odd and bizarre foods, they should try their best to always strive for that same theme. Even if they are trying out something as simple as a burger - shouldn’t be an ordinary burger but one that has a bizarre touch. 

Small-time Influencers Don’t Have As Many Options

Small time influencers often promote services and venues for no payment at all. They may be given free drinks at a restaurant, or allowed free tickets when entering a club. However, if you’re still in the small-time stage of your influencer journey, don’t lose hope. As you gain more followers, you will be able to leverage better deals, or even get paid for promoting or advertising services.

The Best Influencers Use Multiple Platforms

Although some influencers choose to focus their attention to a single social media platform, it’s best to diversify. That way, they can attract more viewers and influence more people. It’s also better if the posts are not exactly identical. One good approach is to take the same post and edit it differently on different social media platforms, leading up to a main (personal) website.