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Every year people around the globe prepare for St. Patrick's Day by planning epic parades, festivals, pub crawls, and more. While St. Patrick's Day is a wonderful celebration of all things Irish, the popular holiday is also a valuable opportunity to earn money. The global scale of the event means that you can cash in on some of the famed Irish luck by playing your cards right and finding different ways to make money.

Aside from Irish food and drinks, there is a significant global demand for St. Patrick’s Day crafts. If you are good at arts and crafts, you can browse through Etsy and Pinterest for inspiration and create different items like party favors, ornaments, accessories, etc., for the big day. You can sell these crafts at the local fair and advertise your products on various social media platforms to get the word out. Alternatively, you can open an online store with Etsy or eBay to maximize your sales.

If you are good at graphic design, you can use your St. Patrick's Day designs to create custom-printed t-shirts to sell online in the true entrepreneurial fashion. Making t-shirts is a sound investment that yields high profits if you can pre-sell your designs on an online marketplace like TeeSpring, etc.

According to Betway casino, approximately 13 million pints of Guinness are drunk on St. Patrick's Day alone, making it one of the biggest events for large and small-scale businesses around the globe. It also means that with all the drinking, there is an increased demand for safe ride-sharing services. You can enlist with a popular ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft and make a lot of money by serving in peak hours on St. Patrick’s Day. If you remain close to the St. Patrick's Day hotspots in your city and time yourself right, you can get a large number of customers that can amount to a significant profit.

Another way to make money on St. Patrick’s Day is to offer your services as a babysitter. Busy parents are always deprived of major holidays and celebrations like St. Patrick's Day because it is difficult to find decent sitters to look after their kids while they party. By registering with online services like Sitterciry or Chime, you can find families that require babysitting services for the day. Be sure to build a positive rapport before St. Patrick's Day so you can become a desirable candidate till the holiday arrives.

Craigslist and Facebook are the perfect places to look for temporary jobs that pop up around St. Patrick's Day. The annual festivals and parades require paid organizers to work for the events. Working at one of these vacant positions for the event can be a great opportunity if you are looking to make some money on St. Patrick’s Day.

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