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  • Written by News Co Media

The counseling industry in Australia is on a massive rise. Many people are looking for counselling courses to become active participants in bringing out positive changes in other's lives. Suppose you reside in Australia and are looking for viable options to start a career in counseling. In that case, the below-given list comprises three types of counseling jobs that are utmost in demand. Read on to learn more.

School/ Educational Counselor

Many counselors who love to be with young people, especially students, take on the role of student or education counselors. As you might have understood by the terminology, education counselors play an essential role in the pupils' academic and career development.

A school counselor's role is to assist the younger minds in overcoming any potential challenges and obstacles on their way to educational progress. Nonetheless, the role of an education/ school counselor is not confined to the students alone.

Their role encompasses the parents and the faculty of the students while assessing all sorts of academic, personal, and future-related problems of the respective students. A skilled psychologist is often recommended to fit the role of a school counselor to assess and help the students rectify all sorts of social, mental, and behavioral challenges at school.

Understandable, mutual trust and open conversation are essential keys in the success of this field.

Family Counsellor

In the face of the ongoing pandemic, the world has been confined to its homes. Subsequently, there has been an increase in incidents of family clashes, divorces, and even domestic abuses. That said, if you have a passion for understanding and binding psychological impacts with familial relationships, you can opt to become a family counselor.

As a family counselor, you will offer counseling sessions and support to families, couples, and even individuals who are struggling with relationship issues. An inexperienced human eye often fails to comprehend the issues that run much deeper in seemingly ordinary family disputes, such as substance abuse, past-trauma, attachment styles, toxic relations, depression, etc.

A family counselor's goal is to assess the troublesome situation by listening to both sides (partners) of the story, individually and collectively. After the identification of the root cause, the family counselor will offer an appropriate solution to solve the problem.

Mental Health Counsellor

The pandemic has taken a serious toll on everyone's mental health. People are struggling with anxiety, depression, a sense of alienation, confusion, and the fear of the unknown. As a mental health counselor, you will be required to comprehend complex mental issues and their impact on human behavior.

Primarily, the counseling sessions dealing with mental health revolve around a thorough assessment of the root cause and by making the affected individual understand the underlying issues. Subsequently, effective ways of treating and rectifying those issues are brought to the surface.

Due to the pandemic, one can expect tele-counseling sessions. However, the counseling sessions are often conducted one-to-one, and even in a group where the affected individuals open up about their issues and find out ways to cope with them.