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There are a lot of people who are really interested in buying a campervan. Maybe you’re one of them. Perhaps you’ve been browsing local dealerships for motorhomes for sale and you’re almost ready to make your decision.

As you check out the motorhomes for sale in your area, make sure that you are going into this purchase fully-informed. What you want to avoid is buying a campervan with a lot of problems and furthermore, you want to avoid making a decision that you aren’t actually prepared for.

There are many, many wonderful things about owning a campervan, but unfortunately, there are often many issues that arise from owning a campervan. To help you make an informed decision on your purchase, here are some of the most common maintenance issues that come up with campervans:

Pump issues: Pump issues happen when the campervan owner doesn’t remember to take care of cleaning the pumps, as well as emptying the water lines and water pumps. Another issue that often comes up for campervan owners is when they leave water in their vehicles during the winter, as the water freezes and becomes ice, which can end up damaging your lines and pumps. If you are going to buy a campervan or RV, make sure to always remember winter preparation for your RV to avoid damaging the water pump and lines.

Toilet problems: Toilets can often be a problem at home, so imagine how much trouble they can cause in a campervan that has a much smaller capacity than your toilet and plumbing at home. If you’re several people traveling in a campervan, that can put a lot of wear and tear on your RV’s toilets, causing many issues to arise. From broken seals to water damage from leaking toilets, toilet problems should not be left unattended. It may be annoying, but having strict rules about toilet use in your campervan is important.

Tire blowouts: Because your campervan is going to be loaded up with more belongings than your vehicle and is a heavier vehicle than your car, you will want to consider the “health” of your tires. Tire blowouts are more apt to happen if you aren’t keeping on top of their inflation levels, tread wear, etc. Also, you’re going to want to make sure to bring a spare tire or two for your trip.

Roof leakage: Rain can be damaging to your home and it can also be especially damaging to your campervan’s roof. While most RVs and campervans will have sealant, you’re going to want to make sure to continually check to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape every now and then to avoid water leakage, which could lead to serious problems in your campervan.

Things to Do To Keep Up With Your Campervan Maintenance

Before you think that you shouldn’t buy a campervan, you may want simply consider these following tips for keeping up with its maintenance:

Make checklists. It’s easy to forget things like cleaning out your tanks and pumps. A way to help to ensure that you remember all the little details to your campervan’s maintenance is to make checklists. You could put a checklist in your home and one in your campervan to make sure that you always remember to take care of the little details so they don’t become big issues.

Get your campervan checked often by a professional. Sure, it’s going to cost you money but if a visit to the mechanic keeps you from having to spend thousands on repair, it’s worth it. You don’t have to go every month but you may want to consider bringing it in every three months, just to make sure that everything is in working order.

Set aside money for upkeep every month. It’s easy to avoid getting your vehicle checked or make repairs on it if you don’t have extra money. You think that it will be okay until you have that extra 50 to spend, etc. Unfortunately, vehicle issues are usually timely, so you may want to consider setting aside money every month for your campervan maintenance.

In Conclusion

What do you think? Are you ready to buy that motorhome or campervan you’ve been eyeing? It’s a great way to travel but just be aware that it’s also a commitment that you’re making. If you’re ready to buy the campervan of your dreams, then take the steps to ensure that you’ll be making a worthwhile investment.

In fact, before you actually go to buy the RV at your local dealership, why not start doing your research and making checklists, so that you’re ready to keep up with your vehicle. Once you’re certain of the commitment, then go ahead and check out motorhomes for sale and find the one that you know will take you far!

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