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When a person has certain disabilities or defects that are caused either by birth or after experiencing trauma, diseases or accidents, such a person could obtain successful restoration of their missing body parts and their oral function by having a maxillofacial Prosthodontist Sydney expert to help them with proper rehabilitation.

Various types of prosthesis are used in a maxillofacial rehabilitation treatment depending on the respective scenarios. These prosthesis can serve as a replacement for their missing body parts so that a person could regain the specifically lost body functions to an extent. A prosthesis for the face or belonging to the body are often demanded by patients for fulfilling their functional or psychosocial purposes since the prosthesis can also be created to shield body parts during radiation treatments, apart from naturally serving its original functions.

The main aim of a Prosthodontist Sydney doctor is to improve the quality of life of the patient by providing properly appropriate treatment that can both benefit the patient in their daily life and match their aspiration of having a complete body.

Usually, the maxillofacial treatments are combined with other types of treatment and dental therapy to restore or improve the patient’s aesthetic appearance as well as their mouth functions which ultimately also helps with boosting their confidence in themselves.

Types of Maxillofacial Prosthesis

The numerous types of Maxillofacial prosthesis that can be obtained from a Prosthodontist Sydney doctor are divided in two categories based on their self explanatory names and their respective functions are given as follows:

Extraoral Prosthesis

  • Ocular Prosthesis

These prosthesis are made carefully with utmost precision to offer eye replacement for patients who are missing one or both eyes due to disabilities, diseases or accidents.

  • Auricular Prosthesis

A Prosthodontist Sydney professional will advise a patient to get this type of prosthesis for replacing their one or both ears that may be either completely or partially missing due to reasons whatsoever.

  • Orbital Prosthesis

This type of prosthesis replaces the surrounding tissue of the eye to offer it better movement and stability for patients that have either damaged or lost this part of their body.

  • Midfacial Prosthesis

The design of the face of a human being is quite complex and to restore the missing parts of the face, no single prosthesis can offer the same benefits. Thus, midfacial prosthesis are used to connect or replace one or more than one structures of the face.

  • Somatic Prosthesis

A Prosthodontist Sydney doctor will instruct a patient to get this type of prosthesis when the patient demands for the replacement of their missing body parts such as hands, fingers, thumbs, etc. 

  • Nasal Prosthesis

Such a prosthesis is often prepared with the help of an ENT expert because this type of prosthesis concerns replacing the missing or damaged nose of a patient who might also suffer from severe or escalating infectious diseases.

Intraoral Prosthesis

  • Interim and Definitive Obturator

This is a particularly multiutility prosthesis since it offers to restore the support for obtaining new teeth and gums of a patient besides covering the palate of the patient’s complete or partial loss of their upper jaw. This prosthesis also contains an extension that serves to rectify the defect that occurs while performing common mouth functions such as chewing, eating, speaking, etc.

  • Palatal Lift Prosthesis

To aid the speech function of a patient, a Prosthodontist Sydney expert will provide the patient with this prosthesis to help and support the soft palate of the patient’s mouth with assuming and reverting correctly during the activity of speaking.

  • Surgical Obturator Prosthesis

When a patient is missing the upper jaw entirely or is missing major parts that form a jaw, such prosthesis is used to cover the palate and provide closure for restoring the functioning of the patient’s mouth.

  • Palatal Augmentation Prosthesis

This type of prosthesis is advised by the experts to correct or improve the speech palate of the patient so it can benefit the patient with gaining an enhanced speech ability.

  • Mandibular Resection Prosthesis

A Prosthodontist Sydney expert will provide this type of custom prosthesis to patients for replacing the particular lost portion of their jaw so that they can again have a complete set of teeth and gums.

Final Words

These prosthesis solutions offered by a Prosthodontist Sydney expert can incrementally improve the life conditions of the patients who agree to get the respective treatment that pertains to their body defects or disabilities. 

These treatments can truly make a world of difference since not obtaining them can result in the patient becoming mentally affected, which could then lead to extreme mental illnesses that can possibly endanger the patient’s life. Hence, while we are still a long way from regenerating a whole arm or other body parts, the maxillofacial rehabilitation treatments are our best bet at regaining our lost bodily functions to the best possible extent.