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  • Written by Olive Smith

Every lawyer holds a field of expertise. For example, some lawyers work with criminal law and others deal with family law, immigration law and even commercial litigation law. Understanding the fields of lawyers is crucial. After all, you don’t want to end up getting confused while you look for a commercial litigation lawyer in Sydney now, do you?

What does a commercial litigation lawyer do?

To be honest, a well-set business is incapable of being truly successful unless they have a commercial lawyer available at all times. The role of a commercial litigation lawyer in a corporate firm is as important as a wifi router for the acquisition of wireless internet. One cannot exist without the other. 

A commercial litigation lawyer handles and disputes against all legal disputes and lawsuits that are placed against the firm that they work with. These can include class-action lawsuits to a breach of contract. Their work is not limited and can be expected in the form of representation in administrative hearings, state courts, arbitration, pre-litigation counselling and more. The lawyer’s duties depend on the case and what is expected out of it.

Is it important to have a litigation lawyer?

We can’t tell you whether you, specifically, as a business, need a litigation lawyer or not. However, we can tell you everything that you will not need to worry about once you hire a commercial litigation lawyer. We’ve built the following list of benefits of hiring a litigation lawyer to help you know more:

  • Legal advice is crucial for any business, be it big or small: Think about it yourself, you need legal advice every step of the way - especially as an entrepreneur. Even if you’re just starting out, you need to know the legalities of the corporate world to be able to establish your business. As a corporate firm, you never know when you might be hit with a breach of contract or any other legal dispute. To stay safe, you need a commercial litigation lawyer with you at all times.

  • To run your firm, you will need to know more: Besides being able to gain legal advice on certain subjects, it’s always a benefit if you’re able to gain more knowledge of the law along the way. This could end up stopping you from making mistakes while investing in the production of new products or for the provision of services.

  • Conflicts will have easier, quicker solutions: As we mentioned earlier, legal disputes are to arise for your business sooner rather than later. If you end up hiring a lawyer on the spot after a lawsuit is placed against you, you might end up feeling uncomfortable as you’ll be working with a lawyer that’s new to you and your firm. Not only will you end up doubting their abilities, but there might also be conflict within the walls of your firm rather than everyone focusing on the lawsuit at hand. 

To avoid reaching a stage where you feel overwhelmed by the legal activities being carried out for or against your firm, it’s recommended that you hire a lawyer for you from the very beginning. Eden King Lawyers hold some of the best commercial and civil litigation lawyers in Sydney and can help you find your way to the worry-free business life. 

Besides, it can be hard to judge the skills of an attorney from a distance. If you’ve been working with them for a long time, you needn’t fret about their capabilities. Reach out to an experienced commercial litigation lawyer for your business today and you will not have to worry about tomorrow.