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If you have a business with an online presence, you should pay a lot of attention to what the Internet has to say about it. Negative reviews, opinions, and comments will make your reputation take a hit, and reputation is vital to the survival and growth of a business.

Naturally, it is impossible to satisfy everyone, and there inevitably will be opinions left by unsatisfied users or articles written on blogs, Facebook groups, and forums that describe their poor experience with your business.

You may be wondering whether or not is it possible to remove negative content from Google. The answer is: yes and no. In theory, you can get content removed from Google, but in practice, it's very hard. Google only actively removes content that violates its Terms of Service: disclosure of personal information and inappropriate or copyrighted content.

Since over 80% of the people who Google something only check results on the first page, the best way to deal with negative content is to bury it under positive content. The same principle works when dealing with negative reviews. Sure, you might not have fully satisfied that one customer due to a myriad of different reasons, but if everyone else is leaving glowing reviews and seems happy with your services, there won't be an issue.

Regardless of what happened with the unsatisfied customer, make sure to promptly answer any negative feedback you see around the web. Leave comments under the negative reviews, apologize and make them know you are working hard to improve your services to make sure everyone will be satisfied with your services or products. Do this even if the review seems to be fake. Respond politely, but make sure to report the fake reviews to the website's staff. It is already hard enough to deal with real customers with real problems.

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