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Every single business needs to be careful about pests since this can lead to so many huge problems. This is especially the case for those that directly service customers on-site, like with a restaurant or a hotel.  Commercial rodent control is a growing problem as the urban environment grows ever denser. At any point of the year the business has to do what is necessary to avoid unwanted rodent problems, although what is normally more important is to be really careful with this aspect during winters/ This is when water and food sources are scarce for rats. They do want to go inside properties for some alternatives.  Even in a warm environment like Perth or Brisbane rat control services peak during the winter months.

Obviously, the best thing you can do is to deal with the current or potential problems by calling professionals offering services like rats control Perth. This helps due to various reasons, including the fact that suggestions are offered regarding what can be done in the future. However, you cannot always contact the pest removers. The main thing you want to think about is how to stop them from coming in the first place. You do this through actions like the following.

Remove Excess Shrubbery Or Greens

Make sure no shrubbery or greens grow against business side since this is a great route the rats can use to access the roof. Ivy-clad walls, for instance, are highly appealing from an aesthetic point of view but if they reach roof line spaces, this offers an access line. Rodents are normally really good climbers.

Another thing you need to do is to remove grass cuttings. Do not stack these or store them behind sheds. Simply bag them and remove them because the cuttings can easily be used as camouflage by rodents.

Remove Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are sometimes added because of aesthetic reasons but we should realize these are very attractive for rodents. Birds feed and residue falls on the ground. What you should do is make sure that little residue rests around feeder base, although the simplest solution is always to remove them in the first place. Proper bin management is going to help a lot though and having someone responsible for this task is the best approach for businesses.

Proper Water Management

One thing you most likely do not know is that a rat requires around 60 mm of water per day. This is why you have to avoid excess water present in gardens. It is so common to see that poor drainage leads to areas that collect water. This is an issue that can easily lead to rats infestations.

During the winter months the options available for rats are highly limited. You want to do all that you can to remove your business as an attraction point. Rats do not discriminate so do not believe they will be more tempted by something else. When there is something that is present and that attracts them, they will come. When there is nothing that would attract rats, they just move on to the next property in line as they look for food. Prevention is practically the best possible way to avoid rodent problems for your business.