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The tourism industry in Australia has always been healthy, but in the past decade, the numbers have risen significantly. Part of the reason for this is the growing number of people who choose to holiday at home, rather than the customary package holiday to Bali or Thailand. Australia has so much to offer, not just for the foreigner, as many Australians are choosing to explore more of their homeland, which benefits the economy greatly. Australia has firmly established itself as a holiday destination for Europeans and Americans alike, with such a diverse range of attractions on offer.


Government initiative

The Australian government has a long-term tourism strategy called “Tourism 2020”, designed to improve performance and competitiveness in all tourism sectors. Significant tax concessions along with a reduction in red tape, empower small businesses to provide a high level of service to the tourist. A well-designed marketing campaign has helped drive demand, and all areas of the country are reaping the rewards, with tourism figures increasing.


Motorhome holidays

This is the most popular way for Australians to tour, with all the amenities on board, giving you the freedom to go wherever and whenever you please. There are several established RV suppliers, so if you are looking for caravan sales in Brisbane, you will find a wide range of vehicles, both new and used. The number of people that take a self-driving holiday is rising, with the economic signals not so promising, a motorhome holiday is very economical, with no accommodation costs to pay. Technology has enabled the vehicles to be equipped with everything you would need for a camping holiday, and with rental companies offering advice on vehicle choice and routes, it is the perfect way to see Australia.


Motorhome sales and rentals

Many families frequently upgrade to larger units, while retired couples often trade in their motorhome for something more suitable, like a hybrid caravan for their retirement years. For Australians, owning your own RV is much preferable to renting, and many families rely on their motorhome for their annual breaks. Apart from local holidaymakers, rental companies also cater for the increasing number of foreign tourists that wish to experience all that Australia has to offer.


Lower oil prices

A global drop in oil prices has led to an increase in self-driving holidays, and with oil prices stable, the trend looks like it will continue. This has benefits for every motorist, but far more so for the motorhome user. For a typical three-week trip, a family can save significant amounts on fuel, which can be added to the holiday budget.


The best way to see Australia

Motorhome holidays have always been popular, and with accommodation sometimes scarce in remote areas, the local people prefer to sleep in their vehicle, which gives you the freedom to travel when and where you please. With so much to see and do, self-driving holidays are likely to remain the number one method of holidaying in Australia, which is an essential part of the nation’s tourism industry.