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Everyone needs food, shelter, health services and extras like dating sites, employment agencies and transport.
Everyone needs food, shelter and health services

The Internet provides the opportunity for people in any part of the World to create and operate a global business. Jungle dwellers in remote parts of Indonesia could create new markets for a natural product that grows in the forest they live in and interact with customers though an Internet connection. Conversely, a health practitioner in New York could reach out to the jungle and order a box of organic coffee beans and have them delivered by FedEx after paying "Jungle Jimmy" with PayPal.

One online business education site, BusinessBlueprint.com offers free interactive online business courses to anyone in any part of the world. Through following the lessons available online entrepreneurs can learn how to make money online without having to go to university or enrolling in a local training establishment.

Not every business person can make money online. There are costs involved in setting up the infrastructure and connections to enable outreach to potential customers. A website can be free with some sites, like Wix.com but Wix continues to own the site and can shut it down anytime, so people need their own website as a starting point for making money on the Internet.

The next part is finding a way to make money. There are not many major openings left online. Major business like airlines sell their own tickets, Apple sells its own computers and phones so there is little chance of taking control of the sale of a high volume, in demand product. What has been done and dusted is asking Chinese factories to put a private brand on mass produced electronic goods to be sold online and drop shipped around the world. 

Online casinos with the best interactive games make money and their customers can make money too.

Perhaps, the best way to make a living by running your own small business on the Internet or in a bricks and mortar operation is to locate something or produce something that people will need. Everyone needs food, shelter, health services and extras like dating sites, employment agencies and transport. That list could be the starting point for initiating a business that can make money. Remember that freight costs and seasonal availability restrict trade, so think local.

What is needed?

How can I meet that demand?

How will I reach potential customers?