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Hewlett Packard is a brand that is renowned all around the printing world. Print shops, businesses and home owners from all around Australia rely on the brand in order to take care of various print jobs. The printers are of the high quality we need but they do not work without HP ink cartridges. Eventually, you will need to buy some. For business users, many HP ink cartridges in Australia would be needed. Because of this, you want to be sure that you think about the advice that is offered below.

Brick And Mortar Stores Or Online Stores?

We are used to going to the closest store that has HP ink cartridges in stock as this is the shopping habit that was the norm for many years. With the evolution of the internet, the number of online stores that sell HP ink cartridges in Australia grew at a really fast pace. The opportunity to shop from the internet is definitely not something that you want to consider.

What many do not understand is the fact that online stores have much better prices for the available HP ink cartridges. At the same time, we have a much wider diversity. If we take a look at the brick and mortar stores and what they have available, it is really easy to notice that only cartridges from newer printer models are available. These are the ones that are in demand and the brick and mortar store owner has a limited warehouse space that has to be considered. Such restrictions do not exist on the internet.

We can say that it is a really good idea to HP ink cartridges from the internet. For most HP printer owners out there this is the best possible solution to save cash and find the cartridges that are actually needed.

Figuring Out What HP Ink Cartridges Are Necessary

This is the very first step that you have to take when buying HP ink cartridges. You need to determine the cartridges that are needed based on the printer model that is used. That is not at all difficult to do.

You can easily take a look at the actual HP printer as the model is written on it. Also, you can look at the cartridge itself if you have one. A cartridge number is written there and you can use it in order to be sure that the HP ink cartridges you buy are appropriate.

Different Types Of HP Ink Cartridges In Australia

Contrary to popular belief, you do not only have access to genuine HP ink cartridges. Various opportunities are available and you have to take them into account. There are basically 3 types that have to be taken into control:

Genuine HP ink cartridges – they are manufactured and sold by Hewlett Packard

Compatible HP ink cartridges – they are manufactured by a third party service based on the specifications of Hewlett Packard

Remanufactured HP ink cartridges – the third party manufacturer uses genuine cartridges that ran out of ink. They are refurbished, refilled and then resold at a price tag that is lower than the original.

Finding The Best Possible Deal

After you learn about the advantages and disadvantages associated with buying the different types of HP ink cartridges that were mentioned above, you make a choice. Based on that choice it is time to go online and look for deals that are suitable for you. That is not so difficult to do but it does require some patience.

You will need to look at the different online stores that ship to your destination, are based in Australia and offer the best possible price tag. This requires a research. It all starts with making a list of the different reputable online stores that you can consider buying from. That is needed as you want to be sure that the HP ink cartridges are suitable and of a high quality. It is especially necessary in the event that you want to buy remanufactured or compatible HP ink cartridges in Australia.

After the list is complete, you can start comparing the deals that are available. See what HP ink cartridges are in stock and that you can buy. Based on the comparison, you will be able to see what the best deal is. However, remember that what seems as being a great deal is not always the best deal in the country. Online stores often offer discounts. You want to identify the stores that have the best discounts for the exact cartridges that you need.

Shipping Opportunities

Unfortunately, most business owners out there only start looking for HP ink cartridges in Australia when the cartridges that they use are out of ink. This means that the new cartridges are needed in a really short period of time. This brings us to the shipping arrangements associated with buying the cartridges from an online store.

In most of the online shops in Australia you can take advantage of free shipping in the event that you buy a specific minimum amount of ink cartridges. That is a deal that you will most likely take advantage of since the amounts are never high. The problem is that this free shipping is usually offered only for the regular delivery system. If you want to get the cartridges to your location as fast as possible, you will need to usually pay a small extra fee.


As you can easily notice, shopping for HP ink cartridges in Australia is not at all difficult to do. All that you really need to do is be patient and conduct a proper research. You will quickly figure out the fact that there are many opportunities that are available. Do try to find the best opportunities that are available for you before you actually need the HP ink cartridges. The sooner you look for the best deals, the higher the possibility that you will make a really good choice! Never hurry the choice process and there is a pretty good chance that you will find something that is great.