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Australia 27 April 2015. Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is going through a renaissance, like Mobile casino banking, and developers are making groundbreaking advances; especially when it comes to many of our favorite games. When it comes to AI creativity, it can be witnessed in two main avenues of game design:

1. This avenue deals with intelligent design tools that help game developers easily and quickly generate layouts, characters, environments, etc. For example, the innovative computer program SpeedTree is simply responsible for putting unique trees in a 3D environment; an action that saves designers a lot of time.No longer will they have to manually place every single tree tree or make them each one look different.

Other examples include procedurally-generated virtual racetracks, cities, tiles, and creatures that could be altered to fit the preferences of the designers for the betterment of the game's cohesiveness.

2. Another example of AI use in gaming technology will be evident in the latest edition of Skyrim, which is still in development. The upcoming game will feature innovative Radiant AI technology that will allow non-player characters to have decision-making abilities and actual daily routines. This inclusion helps create a fantasy setting that is more vibrant than any of its predecessors.

For example, if you followed a citizen throughout its daily activities ,you would likely witness him or her going through their day like a normal person i.e. eating breakfast, working, going to the bar, and going home. In other words, you won't see NPCs loitering aimlessly along the landscapes anymore. These characters will even react to you based on how they feel about you. For example, if you are friends with an individual NPC and you go into their home at the middle of the night, he or she may offer you a place to rest your head instead of kicking you out.

The AI technology behind our favorite games continues to evolve but this is just the beginning; this type of technology changes everyday. Google has even jumped into the foray and has created an AI software that has the ability to teach itself to play, and master, many classic arcade games. Researchers hope to apply the ideas behind this type of artificial intelligence to make smart-phone apps, search engines, etc. smarter and more intuitive.