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Experience is the best teacher. This saying applies in all aspects of life. One of the branches in commercial cleaning is carpet cleaning. Knowing how to use the vacuum cleaner is not enough for you to be called as an expert with carpet. Actual carpet cleaning will teach you the basics of it and it will be experience and time that will make you an expert in what you do. 

In office cleaning, the cleaner who performs the carpet cleaning needs to thoroughly vacuum the carpet first, giving emphasis on the edges as this trap a great amount of dust and dirt. This will guarantee a good base to work during the carpet restoration process. Once those are done, you should consider removing all furniture and equipment that will block the way when you start to do the cleaning. This is a good practice and it will ensure that you will not leave an unnecessary stain on the furniture too. The market offers three types of carpet cleaning. These are shampooing, steaming, and drying.

Shampooing of carpet requires a strong chemical and hot water. The carpet shampoo is not the same as the commercial shampoo that we personally use at home. These are manufactured to fit the needs and achieve the end results that someone is eyeing for after the process is done. Shampooing is a lengthy process because you need to repeat the entire procedure if you come across a stain that is hard to remove. After that, you also need to dry the carpet that you are working on. Foam washing is also an alternative method for shampooing. With this, the foam will be left on the carpet, let it dry, and once dried, the cleaner will need to vacuum the dust and dirt up thoroughly. 

Office cleaners also practices steam carpet cleaning. In this process, that machine sprays detergent with hot water to the carpet. The hot water makes the steam but it is not the steam that cleans the carpet. The carpet is still being cleaned by the chemical that is mixed with the hot water. In this case, it is best for you to notify your client to set their expectations straight about the process and what it does to the carpet. The use of wet-vac will end the process as this will suck up the remaining liquid in the carpet making it easier to dry up. 

Carpet drying is also popular in commercial cleaning. This is one of the processes that office cleaners prefer as this is easier compared to the first two methods that we discussed. The process is being done by applying a biodegradable compound on to the carpet. This compound will attract the dirt and dust that are seated on it. Melbourne carpet cleaners always ensure that office and domestic carpets are dry and left in the best possible condition.

Your customer will definitely find the best solution and option to their carpet needs with these three ways on how can your commercial cleaning clean their carpet.