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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - Media OutReach - Jul20, 2015 - Southco Korea, a subsidiary of Southco Inc., a leading global provider of engineered access solutions such as Locks, Latches, Captive Fasteners, Electronic Access Solutions (EAS) and Hinges/ Positioning Technology, introduces positioning solutions such as hinges, mounts and control arms for South Korea medical device industry that meetsthe design needs for ergonomics.


AV-D25 Constant Torque Display Mount

Meeting Design Challenges of Medical Devices

The focus on ergonomics is receiving increasing attention throughout the medical industry. In 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a guideline and launched a coordinated effort focusing on improvements in medical device design. FDA guidelines can be used to address medical device design considerations such as size and maneuverability, weight capacity, ease of cleaning to protect against infectious contamination. Poor design can affect operator comfort, working efficiency, satisfaction, as well as equipment's durability.  In response to this initiative, many design engineers are looking towards human factors engineering to aid in the development of more ergonomic medical equipment.


Improving human factors with Positioning Technology

Positioning technology designed with engineered constant torque helps to achieve the objectives of enhancing ergonomic and durability. High-quality, pre-engineered arms display mounts and hinges designed with constant torque technology are extremely reliable with zero drift and able to reduce maintenance for the life of the product.


In healthcare facilities today, the explosion of touchscreens and imaging technology has changed the requirements for display mounting in medical equipment applications. Endoscopy machine, for instance, is often mounted to a mobile cart, making it easier to move from room to room. For these applications, it is necessary to withstand vibration and bumping that may result during operation and transportation. Southco's AV-D25, a constant torque display mount, can be tilted at various angles with minimal operating effort for precise positioning. The T Series saves user's time and labor involved with traditional setup and manipulation. Once positioned, the display remains secure, without additional tightening, loosening or service and also withstands vibration and bumping.


"Constant Torque Hinges" is another positioning technology using engineered friction systems to provide continuous resistance against motion. They are ideal for applications where it is necessary to easily open and close doors and panels, such as wall charting stations, medical cabinets and diagnostic equipment with heavy lids. Other available options are "Counterbalanced Hinges", which provide lift assistance, making it possible to raise heavy objects with minimal force, and "Detent Hinges", which provides positive retention at predetermined points, such as fully open or fully closed positions. Southco's E6/ST Constant Torque Position Control Hinges provide constant resistance throughout the entire range of motion, enabling users to easily position doors, display screens and other mounted components and hold them securely at any desired angle -- fully opened, fully closed or anywhere in between.


Medical devicesare employed in virtually every healthcare activity, from diagnostic and imaging equipment to dispensing carts, display screens and charting stations. To effectively and efficiently incorporate ergonomics into medical equipment, engineers should select components that are not only functional but meet ergonomic goals.Through the integration of positioning solutions such as hinges, mounts and control arms, operators of medical equipment will experience ease of use, as well as improved balance, control and reliability.



AV-D25 Constant Torque Display Mount


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