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Gives you a warm winter with Hong Kong’s first BonaquaTM Water Station


HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - December 17, 2018 - Today marks the official launch of the Hong Kong's first "BonaquaTM Water Station", an eco-friendly initiative by Coca-Cola China Limited and Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong, promoting "Bring-your-own-bottle" with Tai Mo Shan Kiosk's icon "Aunt Lin".  Besides of landing on the highest mountain in Hong Kong - Tai Mo Shan, the public can also enjoy cold or hot Bonaqua® mineralized water at the water stations in Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark's Tai Po Geoheritage Centre and Langham Place in Mongkok.  Coca-Cola also plans to install 300 water stations around Hong Kong within 2019, making it easier for Hong Kong people to adopt B.Y.O.B lifestyle and step further towards Coca-Cola's vision of "World Without Waste".

Bonaqua® promotes “B.Y.O.B” with Tai Mo Shan Kiosk’s icon “Aunt Lin”

Aunt Lin, Icon of Tai Mo Shan joining Clory Wong, Marketing Director, Hong Kong & Macau Region, Coca-Cola China Limited, Kenneth Leung, Head of Business Units and Cold Drinks, Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong gives you a warm winter with Hong Kong's first BonaquaTM Water Station.

Bonaqua® promotes “B.Y.O.B” with Tai Mo Shan Kiosk’s icon “Aunt Lin”

"Aunt Lin", Icon of Tai Mo Shan joins hands with Coca-Cola to promote B.Y.O.B

Bonaqua® joins hands with Aunt Lin to promote B.Y.O.B

Since September this year, "Bonaqua® have kicked start a pilot program, providing quality mineralized water to Hong Kong people with "BonaquaTM Water Station" at different locations such as King's Park Sports Ground, Kei Ling Ha BBQ Area in Sai Kung and outdoor events like Hong Kong Disneyland 10K Weekend 2018, UNICEF Charity Run 2018 and RBC Race for The Kids.  After three months of pilot, Bonaqua® is launching Hong Kong's first BonaquaTM Water Station with Tai Mo Shan Kiosk's icon "Aunt Lin" for the first time, who introduced her own eco-friendly water station earlier, to promote wastage reduction and present a bottle of hot Bonaqua® mineralized water to the active and eco-conscious ones this winter.


300 water stations around Hong Kong within 2019

"Following the global announcement of "World Without Waste" by The Coca-Cola Company, we are planning to install 300 BonaquaTM Water Station around Hong Kong. The water stations will be placed at where the hydration needs are high, such as parks, outdoor venues, shopping malls and schools, etc. A variety of water station models with different features, volume and size will be arranged for different locations accordingly," stated Clory Wong, Marketing Director, Hong Kong & Macau Region, Coca-Cola China Limited.


Wong added, "We are excited to work with Aunt Lin and spread her eco-friendly spirit and her care to every corner of Hong Kong. Apart from Tai Mo Shan Kiosk, the BonaquaTM Water Station can also be found at Tai Po Geoheritage Centre and Langham Place where visitors and shoppers can enjoy quality mineralized water from Bonaqua®, no matter cold or hot."


Thoughtful design to ensure hygiene and safety

Coca-Cola has collected a lot of feedback and ideas for fine-tuning the water station from the public through the pilot program earlier, with an aim to make it more user-friendly and enhance its safety and hygiene level.  Kenneth Leung, Head of Business Units and Cold Drinks, Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong expressed, "We are using Bonaqua® Carboy water in our water stations. We will arrange models with volume of two to four carboys according to the situation of a particular location. At the same time, to ensure the hygiene of the water tap, hidden valve and locked door with a sensor are used in the water station. The door will be automatically unlocked only after a transaction is made, ensuring it has a high hygiene standard."


Pay it forward!  From Tai Mo Shan to everywhere in Hong Kong  

"Aunt Lin" deserves to be named as "Icon of Tai Mo Shan" as she has been running the kiosk for more than 20 years.  A few months ago, "Aunt Lin" has initiated an eco-refill water station in order to encourage Hong Kong people to help save the world by bringing their own water bottle.  Sharing the same vision, Coca-Cola joins hands with her to promote B.Y.O.B and BonaquaTM Water Station through a promotional video named "Bonaqua® x Tai Mo Shan Aunt Lin - A Warm Winter Without Waste", amplifying her eco-friendly approach to a broader level.


Elaborating on the rationale behind launching her eco-friendly initiative, Aunt Lin said, "Many hikers and riders like to grab a drink at my kiosk.  However, a lot of people threw the bottle away only after drinking a little bit.  At that time, I was thinking if they are willing to bring their own water bottle, there would be much less wastage of packaging in Hong Kong.  Since then, I launched my eco-friendly refill station, hoping to contribute a little bit with my limited effort.  With the help from Coca-Cola on BonaquaTM Water Station, I wish we could encourage more Hong Kong people to take a step further in helping the environment by bringing their own bottle."


A warmer winter with free water for two months

There will be more and more BonaquaTM Water Stations in Hong Kong in 2019.  To encourage B.Y.O.B, from today onwards, free mineralized water from Bonaqua® will be provided to Hong Kong people for two months through the BonaquaTM Water Station at Tai Mo Shan Kiosk, Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark's Tai Po Geoheritage Centre and Langham Place. Let's live a warmer winter without waste together with Bonaqua® and Aunt Lin.

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