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Creating a unique tagline for your business

Businesses starting out or rebranding tend to forget an important element in their business; the tagline. For the most part, it’s not deemed necessary and considered something to be done when the brand expands. Although it’s not a branding necessity from the onset, it’s a sure way to make your brand stick in people’s minds.

A tagline is essentially a shorter version of the mission statement- a one liner of what your business does. The main element is that it be short, memorable and accurate to your brand. It is something you share with stakeholders (clients and potential clients) as a way to set you apart from other brands in a similar niche. It is however not to be confused with a slogan. A slogan is often a phrase used during marketing activities such as launches, campaigns or product advertising. It changes regularly according to one’s needs. A tagline does not change unless when rebranding.

When you think of slogans, one such as Coca Cola comes to mind. It says ‘Open Happiness’. It is likely that they paid big money to come up with the perfect tagline but you don’t have to have a huge marketing budget to do the same. The basic concept is how something (state the product or service) makes you feel when you use it. It also adds to how it’s likely to make your life better or what the benefits of using the same are.

Creating the tagline

One of the questions to ask yourself is the ‘why’ of your business. Narrowing down to the why, in a brief statement, helps you give an idea of the direction to take when creating your tagline. It is usually the core reason for your company’s existence. You may find that it largely has to do with solving a problem and being of service to others. It doesn’t have to be a non-profit; it could also be a barber shop Toronto has and wishes to stand out.

Your target market is another aspect to identify. Knowing the demographic helps you tailor your tagline accordingly to make it as specific and appropriate for whom you’re trying to reach. It is likely that you’re not the only business trying to reach this population. You therefore have to go a step deeper and establish what makes you different from the crowd. Keep this in mind when formulating the tagline as it’s essentially what will help your audience identify you and single you out among the many voices competing for their attention.

Lastly, your brand personality ought to come out in the statement. The brand personality is the character behind your business. Are you formal or playful? Your tone and words you use should give people an emotional impression of the type of company you are. With these tools, gather a team and available resources to make the perfect tagline for your business.




How Businesses Can Avoid Unwanted Rodent Problems

Every single business needs to be careful about pests since this can lead to so many huge problems. This is especially the case for those that directly service customers on-site, like with a restaurant or a hotel. At any point of the year the business has to do what is necessary to avoid unwanted rodent problems, although what is normally more important is to be really careful with this aspect during winters. This is when water and food sources are scarce for rats. They do want to go inside properties for some alternatives.

Obviously, the best thing you can do is to deal with the current or potential problems by calling professionals offering services like rats control Perth. This helps due to various reasons, including the fact that suggestions are offered regarding what can be done in the future. However, you cannot always contact the pest removers. The main thing you want to think about is how to stop them from coming in the first place. You do this through actions like the following.

Remove Excess Shrubbery Or Greens

Make sure no shrubbery or greens grow against business side since this is a great route the rats can use to access the roof. Ivy-clad walls, for instance, are highly appealing from an aesthetic point of view but if they reach roof line spaces, this offers an access line. Rodents are normally really good climbers.

Another thing you need to do is to remove grass cuttings. Do not stack these or store them behind sheds. Simply bag them and remove them because the cuttings can easily be used as camouflage by rodents.

Remove Bird Feeders

Bird feeders are sometimes added because of aesthetic reasons but we should realize these are very attractive for rodents. Birds feed and residue falls on the ground. What you should do is make sure that little residue rests around feeder base, although the simplest solution is always to remove them in the first place. Proper bin management is going to help a lot though and having someone responsible for this task is the best approach for businesses.

Proper Water Management

One thing you most likely do not know is that a rat requires around 60 mm of water per day. This is why you have to avoid excess water present in gardens. It is so common to see that poor drainage leads to areas that collect water. This is an issue that can easily lead to rats infestations.

During the winter months the options available for rats are highly limited. You want to do all that you can to remove your business as an attraction point. Rats do not discriminate so do not believe they will be more tempted by something else. When there is something that is present and that attracts them, they will come. When there is nothing that would attract rats, they just move on to the next property in line as they look for food. Prevention is practically the best possible way to avoid rodent problems for your business.

The Importance of Website Branding in 2018

A brand helps the individuals to get a fair idea regarding a particular product or service, and branding is employed by businesses nowadays for helping the consumers recognise their products. In fact, many companies make use of branding on a regular basis within their services which plays a major role in making the service or product have a striking look. Being more than just a logo, a brand name often comprises of other factors as well, and one of them happens to be your web presence.

In fact, being an important marketing tool, websites help to market your products and services successfully to the prospective clients. Having a powerful blend of innovative website design as well as excellent branding, one will be able to attract a lot of customers within a short span of time. A proper branding will offer your site an appropriate persona which will create a permanent impression on your clients.

In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the importance of website branding in 2018. It is important to bear in mind that there are multiple aspects which lead to an effective brand as well as website. It is essential to consider the experiences of your consumers and also the manner in which you communicate with them via social networking sites or over the phone. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that a strong website branding can result in higher traffic to your website.

The key advantages of website branding are as follows:

  1. Creates Recognition

It is a natural tendency of the customers to do business with firms with whom they are familiar for a considerable period of time. Individuals have a feeling of security as well as comfort when they purchase a service or a product from a reliable company, and therefore a consistent and effective branding will help to attract more customers to your site who will eventually purchase your product or service.

  1. Creates Referral Traffic

An important type of marketing happens to be the word of mouth, and this supplemented by a reliable brand will definitely assure you of receiving sufficient traffic to your site. Most of the customers prefer talking about the brands they use most often, and also do not hesitate to criticize those which have failed to satisfy them. Consequently, it is vital for your brand to be striking as well as popular. Moreover, generating backlinks and other such branding strategies will also help to generate referral traffic.

  1. Emotionally Engages with Your Clients

In most cases, it has been observed that individuals use those brands which are able to involve with their client base emotionally. Customers will go for those brands which make them feel good while purchasing them. In fact, buying products is an emotional experience, and it is possible to involve with individuals emotionally by having a good brand.

  1. Helps to Provide Focus

It is very important to concentrate on your business. As a matter of fact, your marketing efforts are going to be guided by your branding which defines the business objectives along with your company itself. Your business can make use of a clear brand strategy to remain focused on the targets as well as visions of your business. Moreover, a clear brand will also assist in driving conversions on your site.

Some More Information on Website Branding:

At present, there has been a significant modification in the way in which a relationship develops with a client. In the past, it was possible for any business to create an advertisement which used to direct individuals to their site. Branding loyalty was achievable so long as there was consistent tone and “look” between the advertisement and the website. However, this is not the case anymore.

At present, clients are sharing their feelings and thoughts regarding any particular business via social media. Leveraging social media as well as going beyond the site will depend on a cohesive message which can be shared outside any social sphere over which the company does not have any control.

Clients have the propensity of communicating positive messages within the social media by having a consistent message which develops positive rapport with the consumers. Developing a consistent brand is going to be the main focus here that will be able to build trust for a long period of time while also identifying the proximity of the social media.


Thus it is evident from the above-mentioned facts that a brand happens to be the tone as well as the “look” employed by a company for developing a consistent message which builds faith and familiarity with the customers. It comprises of the typography, logo, web design style, color palette, as well as the written content’s language.

It is essential for a brand to be consistent across every single marketing outlet, for example, the company’s site as well as the social media. Developing a strong brand is going to be time-consuming which has the ability to make a company stand out from the rest.

How to become an intermediate trader?

You know many people trade in Forex and many of them are not professional. There are mostly two types of people trading in Forex. One is the professional traders that take this trading as their livelihood and they make the huge amount of money. Do not think they are following other traders but they are not following other people but only their trading strategy and their routine. They develop strategy, they analyze market trends and they only place the trade when they can make money. The other type of traders are the Forex part-time traders. These traders do not make money because they are trading this market for the part-time. Many of them also stop trading as they do not have the time to invest and analyze the market trend.

Part-time traders can be small traders and big traders. Small traders are who those have started trading and knowing how to trade to make money. The big traders have already started making money and they are taking professional courses and thinking of trading this market professionally. The people of this type also become the successful professional trader. Among this two groups, there is one group that is the intermediate traders. These are the people that are neither professional nor small time traders because they have been promoted from small-time traders. This article will tell you how to become an intermediate trader. This is the first step of becoming a professional Aussie trader. If you can successfully trade the market, you can do great also in your professional trading career.

Considering trading as your full-time profession is a very challenging task. You have to read a lot to learn about the dynamic nature of this market. Many retail investors have blown their trading account due to their lack of trading knowledge. To make profit consistently you have to understand technical and fundamental parts of the market. Forex trading is an art and you have to know the basic of the market to become a profitable trader. However, if you consider trading as your alternative source of income you can become an intermediate trader. This is one of the best ways to earn some extra cash. As an intermediate trader, you don’t have to take a huge risk in each trade. Since this will be your part-time profession, you can easily minimize your risk exposure. Consider this profession as your side business. Never expect huge income from this industry as an intermediate trader. Though this will be your part-time profession yet you should always trade with managed risk. If need takes some professional trading course to know more about this profession.

They have their own strategy

This strategy is not perfect but they are working on it. They know they can lose them money and this strategy may not work, but they always stick to their strategy. The difference between new traders and intermediate traders is that they do not change and use new strategy when their strategy does not work. They try to understand what went wrong and this is how they get to understand their strategy.

They accept losses

Accepting losses is a great quality that many Aussie traders do not have. Intermediate traders can be upset also when they lose but they control, their upset and they accept the losses. They know it is only a market where they can have lost money and also make money. This quality makes them different from the small traders and places them close to the professional trader.

Always learning new things

One thing about Forex market is that it is always changing. You cannot expect the market to show the same trend that you have got months earlier. This market is always changing, it is innovative and you also have to be creative to make the profit. Learning new things all the time is a quality of the professionals that intermediate traders try to develop.

The Business of the App: Is It Time to Develop Your Own Mobile App?

A few years ago, mobile apps were developed to serve a business purpose, whether it was to deliver a better user experience or as an extension of a business website. Today, however, turning ideas into working apps users can enjoy is a business of its own.

If you have a great idea for an app, it might be worth developing the idea into a working Android and iOS app. The app business is a multi-billion-dollar business that continues to grow. Is it really time to enter the market with your own app?

Solving a Problem

Every successful app – and start-up, for that matter – does one thing really well. Popular apps tend to solve a specific problem and offer the best solution for that problem. This is one of the first tests you should put your idea through when thinking about developing an app. Will the app solve a problem?

There are ways to refine a crude app idea into a more mature, ready-to-be-developed concept. You can start by making flows for the app. You are designing the app’s user experience and imagining how the app will be used.

Once you have a refined UX and flow, it is easy to see if the app actually solves a problem. Does a solution for that problem exist? Is your app better than the existing solution? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you are ready for the next step.

Understanding the Costs

Thanks to companies such as Appscore, it is now easy to turn an idea into a working app. You don’t even have to know how to code or structure an app. Simply find the best Perth app agency and have experts do all of the hard work for you.

What you need to focus on is the business side of the app. Start by understanding the actual costs of getting the app to your target users. The development cost is just the beginning. You also have to create a budget for marketing and other elements of the process.

With the costs laid out, it is also easier to understand the amount of investment you need to make and the potential return on investment you can expect. This is where you decide if following through with the app is a sound decision to make.

Getting to Know the Users

In the app business, your users are your customers. You need to cater to their needs and requirements for the app to be successful. Everything, from the user experience and user interface of the app to the internet marketing approach suitable for reaching the target audience, must match the target users you want to pursue.

The app development agency helping you with the development can once again help you with many of the steps. You need experts with a deep knowledge of the app market providing you with insights on how to turn your idea of a dream app into a big hit. If the idea is good enough to invest in, the steps we covered in this article will set you on the right track to success.