The Business of the App: Is It Time to Develop Your Own Mobile App?

A few years ago, mobile apps were developed to serve a business purpose, whether it was to deliver a better user experience or as an extension of a business website. Today, however, turning ideas into working apps users can enjoy is a business of its own.

If you have a great idea for an app, it might be worth developing the idea into a working Android and iOS app. The app business is a multi-billion-dollar business that continues to grow. Is it really time to enter the market with your own app?

Solving a Problem

Every successful app – and start-up, for that matter – does one thing really well. Popular apps tend to solve a specific problem and offer the best solution for that problem. This is one of the first tests you should put your idea through when thinking about developing an app. Will the app solve a problem?

There are ways to refine a crude app idea into a more mature, ready-to-be-developed concept. You can start by making flows for the app. You are designing the app’s user experience and imagining how the app will be used.

Once you have a refined UX and flow, it is easy to see if the app actually solves a problem. Does a solution for that problem exist? Is your app better than the existing solution? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you are ready for the next step.

Understanding the Costs

Thanks to companies such as Appscore, it is now easy to turn an idea into a working app. You don’t even have to know how to code or structure an app. Simply find the best Perth app agency and have experts do all of the hard work for you.

What you need to focus on is the business side of the app. Start by understanding the actual costs of getting the app to your target users. The development cost is just the beginning. You also have to create a budget for marketing and other elements of the process.

With the costs laid out, it is also easier to understand the amount of investment you need to make and the potential return on investment you can expect. This is where you decide if following through with the app is a sound decision to make.

Getting to Know the Users

In the app business, your users are your customers. You need to cater to their needs and requirements for the app to be successful. Everything, from the user experience and user interface of the app to the internet marketing approach suitable for reaching the target audience, must match the target users you want to pursue.

The app development agency helping you with the development can once again help you with many of the steps. You need experts with a deep knowledge of the app market providing you with insights on how to turn your idea of a dream app into a big hit. If the idea is good enough to invest in, the steps we covered in this article will set you on the right track to success.

Biggest eCommerce Websites in Australia

Buying items from your home is wonderful in many ways. You can sit on your couch in your PJs and browse thousands of items to buy from your home. With just a few clicks, your items will be on their way to your house.

Many Australians have figured out these benefits, too, causing the eCommerce market for homewares to grow by 15%.

But, there’s always the stress of having to comb through those thousands of items online then worry what they’ll actually look like when they arrive at your doorstep. There’s a certain comfort in going to a physical store and seeing what the items look like in person.

There’s a fine balance to strike here. Websites selling homewares like Pet Circle, ShowPro, Adore Beauty and Catch with it’s new Screaming’ Good Deals campaign, provide as much information as they can in the form of pictures of the product from multiple angles, information about what the item is made of, and specific dimensions.

Here are some tips to help you conquer shopping for homewares online.

Find Inspiration Before You Scroll


Whether you’re furnishing a new home or looking for the perfect piece for that one space in your living room, endlessly scrolling through online stores is not a good use of your time.

An easy way to get a closer idea for what you need is to look through the blogs of some of your favorite interior designers. If you don’t have a favorite design blog, search for one that includes multiple posts about a similar space like a studio or small house. Most bloggers are quite good at linking their readers to the source of each piece of furniture, which can shorten your search time considerably.


Measure Your Space


This is a step often overlooked by people looking to buy a new piece of furniture or piece of art. Do yourself the favor and measure the dimensions for the space you’re trying to fill and write them down. This will help you in cases where there is a filter for height and width.

You can take it one step farther and tape of the area with blue painter’s tape (or a piece of paper for art). Doing this can help you visualize how the piece will fit in with the rest of your items.


Start Small


You will drive yourself crazy by hopping from one housewares site to another looking for the perfect item. To start, look at two to three websites which will likely have what you’re looking for based on their overall style. For example, if you like elegant lines, try West Elm.

To quickly sort through your options on each site, use the search filters to your advantage. They can help you narrow your options down based on color, material, and height in some cases.


Don’t Rush


Don’t feel the pressure to buy something you aren’t nearly 100% sure of. A good rule of thumb to use is if the piece doesn’t jump off the page at you, it definitely won’t in person.

Also, remember while it’s easy to have items delivered to your home, you’ll still need to take it back to your local package drop-off to ship it back if you don’t like it.


Tiger Beer Unites Innovator And Artists To Beautify City Streets With Ink Made From Air Pollution

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - Mar 28, 2017 - Tiger Beer, Asia's premium lager, is taking Air-Ink™, the world's first ink created from air pollution, to the streets of the world. An extension of a 2016 pilot project in Hong Kong, this new initiative sees Tiger Beer driving creative collaborations between Anirudh Sharma, inventor of Air-Ink™ and co-founder of Graviky Labs, and emerging artists from across seven cultures to showcase this breakthrough technology to the world.


Believing that the best ideas are often born on the streets and not in corporate boardrooms, Tiger is kicking off its global Air-Ink™ initiative on the streets of London before continuing on to Berlin, New York and Singapore. Since its launch in 2016, the initiative has seen over 770 litres of Air-Ink™ harvested -- the carbon emissions equivalent of continuously driving a typical diesel vehicle for 2.3 years. It also has the potential to be scaled up, for example if the devices were fitted to all London diesel black cabs it could save 10-15% of particulate emissions.


Large-scale Air-Ink™ artwork created using ink made from air pollution by Kristopher Ho on display in Shaftesbury Avenue, London. Photo Credit: Graham Chweidan

Demonstrating the power of creativity with purpose, 19 international artists will join this year's global movement to transform the collected pollution into beautiful Air-Ink™ artworks symbolising a bright future for our cities' streets, and inspiring others to take action.


"Tiger Beer believes in supporting people across cultures with brave ideas, and partnering with them to uncage the tiger spirit within us all to create awareness and positive change for issues affecting our communities. Following the encouraging response to our Air-Ink™ pilot in Hong Kong, we wanted to further our support of Anirudh and Graviky's mission against the worldwide issue of air pollution and showcase how street creativity can make a difference. By bringing artists and inventor together, we turned the world into a canvas for Anirudh's message in a beautiful and transformative way, one we hope will inspire people and community leaders to get behind the cause and benefit from the technology," says Mie-Leng Wong, Global Director at Tiger Beer, HEINEKEN Asia Pacific.


Inventor Anirudh Sharma pictured with his Air-Ink™ technology, inside the Tiger Beer 'Clean Air Gallery' in Brixton, London. The Air-Ink™ device captures air pollution from diesel exhausts before it enters the atmosphere, which is then turned into ink for artists.  Photo credit: Matt Crossick/PA Wire


Anirudh comments, "Growing up in India and experiencing the effects of air pollution first-hand motivated me to think of ways to turn this harmful pollution into something useful -- purified, safe ink. After initial research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we spent a lot of time perfecting the technology and our ink at Graviky. Now, seeing artworks created with Air-Ink™ and displayed in major cities of the world is truly an exciting step for me and my team. A beautiful fusion between technology, science, and art, this collaborative initiative with Tiger has taken our technology further than I could have imagined."  Graviky's hope is that this demonstration will inspire a city or municipality to conduct their own pilot program together in the near future.


Visitors look at artworks inside the Tiger Beer 'Clean Air Gallery' in Brixton, the works were created using Air-Ink™, the first ink to be made from captured air pollution before it enters the atmosphere. 
Photo credit: Matt Crossick/PA Wire


Visitors look at artworks inside the Tiger Beer 'Clean Air Gallery' in Brixton, the works were created using Air-Ink™, the first ink to be made from captured air pollution before it enters the atmosphere. 
Photo credit: Matt Crossick/PA Wire


Delivering creativity from the streets, for the streets, consumers in participating cities can encounter Air-Ink™ artworks in iconic city locations and experience live Air-Ink™ painting sessions by cutting edge artists over a cold Tiger Beer at bars around town. In addition to this, consumers in London and New York can also look forward to pop-up galleries featuring works created by various artists using Air-Ink™.


Participating artist Kristopher Ho, who is creating an Air-Ink™ artwork for London, says, "Being able to draw with what's essentially purified soot has been a fascinating experience and a great way to bring attention to the massive issue of air pollution. It has been really meaningful to work with Anirudh and Tiger Beer and be a part of this creative global community, which I see as a perfect fusion of art and science.  It just goes to show the extent we can all go to make a positive impact on our surroundings."


The Air-Ink™ initiative furthers Tiger Beer's ongoing support of those whose unconventional ideas make a positive change in their communities. A film about the global Air-Ink™ initiative can be viewed at and consumers can show their support and spread the word by visiting



Tiger Beer was born in 1932 on the streets of Singapore. A stone's throw away from the equator, its unique tropical lagering technique meant it was able to brew a beer that would keep Asia cool. In 2015, it started using the rays of the tropical sun for brewing, with over 8,000 solar panels installed on the rooftop of its facility in Singapore. Now, every Tiger Beer produced in Singapore is brewed by the sun. It is the number one premium beer in Asia, and the world's fastest growing premium beer, available in more than 50 markets across the globe. For more information, please visit



HEINEKEN is the world's most international brewer. It is the leading developer and marketer of premium beer and cider brands. Led by the Heineken® brand, the Group has a powerful portfolio of more than 250 international, regional, local and specialty beers and ciders. We are committed to innovation, long-term brand investment, disciplined sales execution and focused cost management. Through "Brewing a Better World", sustainability is embedded in the business and delivers value for all stakeholders. HEINEKEN has a well-balanced geographic footprint with leadership positions in both developed and developing markets. We employ approximately 73,500 people and operate more than 165 breweries, malteries, cider plants and other production facilities in more than 70 countries. Heineken N.V. and Heineken Holding N.V. shares trade on the Euronext in Amsterdam. Prices for the ordinary shares may be accessed on Bloomberg under the symbols HEIA NA and HEIO NA and on Reuters under HEIN.AS and HEIO.AS. Most recent information is available on HEINEKEN's website:

Why traffic increase measurement is now more useful than keyword ranking measurement

There was a time when the success of results of SEO strategies and campaigns revolved around keyword ranking measurement. SEO specialists often spent the majority of their time discussing keywords with clients, and diligently measuring where the keywords were ranking, in order to prove the value of their work.

Over time, the world of online marketing has changed. Many of these changes have been brought about by advancements in Google's algorithm, as well as more savvy searching by Internet users. Let's examine why the days of concentrating on the measurement of keyword ranking should be relegated to the past, to make way for more relevent measurements, such as traffic increase.

Improvements to Google's algorithm

There is no doubt that Google's algorithm has become far more sophisticated over the years. Tactics such as sprinkling that winning keyword throughout text do not secure the same amount of positive results as they used to; there is even the chance of being penalised by Google if you concentrate on the use of keywords too much.

Achieving good results from SEO strategy is no longer about getting high rankings for keywords. This being the case, why make measuring keywords a priority.

Changes to the way people search

Not so very long ago, people were still getting used to searching the Internet. Today, completing searches is second nature to regular Internet users. People often complete longer, more specific, searches. These long-tailed searches are very hard to predict, as many as 20% of searches are unique. You can see why the value of keywords is reducing.

Another factor that is reducing the effectiveness of traditional keywords is the increased use of voice search. Using voice to search is a far more organic method; it's a complete move away from traditional keywords and phrases.

What should be measured?

So, it's pretty obvious that keyword rankings are no longer the measure of SEO success that they once were. What should be measured instead? The main aim of SEO is to attract people to a website and to get them to engage with the site, by taking action such as making a purchase or providing contact details for subscription to communications.

It makes sense that what is measured should relate to these aims. This is why traffic increase measurement is so important. If people are not being attracted to a website then SEO is falling at the first hurdle. This measurement should be accompanied by others, such as increase in leads and increase in ROI. All of these measurements are far more valuable, in today's SEO environment, than the measurement of keyword ranking.

There is still a place for keywords in SEO, but they need to be part of a more encompassing approach, which should include considerations such as mobile first thinking, quality of content and overall customer experience. These are all linked to SEO, so it makes sense to measure the results they enable; increase in traffic, user engagement, increase in leads, increase in sales and increase in ROI.

5 best real money Apps

How much money do you shell out for apps on your Android or Apple mobile device? Did you know that you can make this money back (and perhaps put some in your pocket as well) if you use certain apps? You heard it right, it’s possible to earn rewards and cold hard cash with real money apps.

Now, there’s a catch to it. You will have to put some effort in and perform some tasks like checking out a new line of clothing, going grocery shopping, watching trailers, taking pictures, etc. But, if these tasks are no big deal to you, it’s possible for you to earn some extra spending money.

Interested in learning more? Check out our pick of 5 of the best real money apps on the market. All the apps on this list will earn you rewards (like redeemables and gift cards) and/or cold hard cash. Ready to go? Without, further ado, we present our list of apps that help you put money back into your pocket:

Field Agent - Available for iOS

With this app, your job is to do some field work, mainly around your neighborhood. The app will provide you with instructions on where to go and what to do and you can take it from there. Typical tasks include going to place like the nearby grocery store, shopping mall, or a landmark. The tasks must be completed within two hours of being issued and, it’s important to note, that it works on a first come, first serve basis. If you are able to complete the task, you can get anywhere from $2-$12 for each one and payments are sent out through Paypal.

Checkpoints - Available for both Android and iOS

When you download this app, you will earn points for checking n to certain places like a cafe, shopping mall, or grocery store. Then, you must scan the items that you purchase while running these errands or when you refer a friend to CheckPoints. The points that you earn can be redeemed for rewards like Walmart and Amazon gift cards, cool gadgets, games, and more.

EasyShift - Available for iOS

The assignments, or shifts, for this app are relatively easy. All you have to do is take note of a product’s price, give your opinion, or take a picture. Once you've completed several tasks, you will get a promotion, which will give you the ability to unlock the shifts that pay more money and offer better rewards. Payments take 2 days to process and are made through PayPal.

App Trailers - Available for Android and iOS

The assignment for this app is to preview app trailers. Sharing your honest opinions will earn you points and you will be helping app developers improve their app trailers in the process. For every app trailer you watch, you will get half a cent. At this rate, you are way better off head to
Euro Palace real money online casino where you can make some real cash for playing your favorite casino games.

If you go ahead and try out the demo, your payment rises significantly - anywhere from 9 cents to a dollar. And, if you are lucky enough to have a friend who's already using this app and they refer you, you will automatically get 50 points just for signing up.


If you are great at taking pictures, then this real money app is perfect for you. Your job is to take pictures of certain things, dependent on your assignment. For instance, you might be asked to take a picture of your drink, your lunch, or the shoes that are on your feet. Once you’ve taken your picture, upload it and share a comment. That’s it. You will either get free merchandise or cash for each assignment you accomplish. If you choose the cash option, you can withdraw it through PayPal or donate your earnings to a charity like UNICEF. Or better yet, you can head to Euro Palace Online Casino.