The Economic-Savvy Approach to Buying a Motorhome

Whether you’re an experienced road tripper or a novice who simply loves the open road, purchasing a motorhome can be appealing. Envisioning the many places you can travel to in your motorhome will only encourage you to consider adding a motorhome to your lifestyle. Before you jump into caravan sales, you want to ensure that you are making an economically savvy decision for your family. Follow these tips to make the motorhome purchasing experience a simple one and one that is a smart financial decision for you.


Ensure Your Motorhome is Worth the Cost


Purchasing a motorhome brings with it substantial costs, so you want to make sure that you will get your money’s worth. For example, perhaps you regularly rent motorhomes for road trips throughout the year. You can absorb those rental fees into the cost of your motorhome, putting that money toward your investment, not giving it to an RV rental company. On the other hand, if you only plan to use a motorhome once or twice a year, you might not want to invest in such a large purchase when rental options are also available. Before you begin the caravan sales process, make a commitment to the motorhome lifestyle to ensure that your investment is well used, which makes it a more affordable option.


Understand Overhead Costs


You see the price tag of your dream motorhome, you know how much money you want to put down, and you can calculate your monthly payment. Keep in mind that the financing of the motorhome is just one of several expenses related to motorhome ownership. Here are some other overhead costs to consider:

  • Insurance

  • Storage

  • Maintenance

  • Gas

  • Any upgrades, such as new furniture or accessories


Do Plenty of Research


Entering the motorhome sales process with knowledge maximises your chances of securing a deal. First, familiarize yourself with what the going rate is for a motorhome that you desire. Look at both new and used options, noting the difference between prices. Compare a base model with one with upgraded features and amenities so that you know exactly how much more you’ll be paying for those upgrades. Finally, look at different motorhomes, read reviews, and talk to current motorhome owners to determine which model is right for you.


Make a List of Needs and Wants


If you’re on a budget, purchasing a top-of-the-line motorhome might not be a smart financial decision. As a result, you need to prioritise features and amenities, focusing primarily on those that are needs, not wants. Make a list of those non-negotiable features when you start looking at motorhomes. For instance, you might require a certain number of beds or want a motorhome of a certain size. Make a second list that includes features that you want, listed in order of priority. Entering the sales process with the understanding that you probably won’t get every feature on your list will make it easier to choose a motorhome that’s within your budget.


Nix Unnecessary Amenities to Cut Down on Costs


If you’re struggling to find a motorhome that fits within your budget, it’s time to scale it down. Doing so will help you find a motorhome that’s in your price range, making it a smarter financial decision. Splurging on unnecessary amenities can be wasteful and might result in your purchasing a motorhome that you can’t truly afford.


Shop Secondhand


Depreciation can negatively impact the investment in your motorhome. When you purchase a new-to-you motorhome rather than one straight off of the lot, you can avoid that major depreciation that occurs soon after the purchase. Purchasing a gently used motorhome can be a savvy financial decision, one that saves you significantly in the long term. Some places to search for used motorhomes include:

  • Motorhome dealerships

  • Local classified ads

  • Online used car sites

  • Local RV parks


Always Negotiate


Be willing to negotiate to secure the best price on your new motorhome. The sales price probably has some built-in room for negotiation, whether you’re buying new or used. As a result, you could be walking away from free money if you simply accept the price as marked. Instead, make a reasonable lower offer to see if the seller knocks the price tag down a bit. If you can’t get the price tag lower, look for incentives such as free oil changes or reduced fees if you’re purchasing through a dealership. Every little bit of savings improves your financial outlook, after all.


Purchasing a motorhome can be an exciting time of your life. However, the caravan sales process might be a bit stressful. When you have thoroughly researched motorhomes, prioritized your needs, and identified a realistic budget, you have set yourself up for financial success. Shop for your new motorhome confidently, armed with the knowledge and financial smarts that will ensure you get the best deal you can.


Business Brokers and What They Bring To The Table

Just like running a business, selling it can also be a challenge. Every business owner intends to start a business to see it grow and expand. That is why letting go of a company is a painful process. You have invested a lot in it, not just financially, but emotionally and physically as well. So sometimes, selling your business won't come as easy as you thought it would be. You have to keep in mind that you need to get the most out of your investment and even increase your bottom line. That is the primary challenge of selling your business.

Most business owners make the mistake of trying to sell their business on their own. Although it is not impossible, we'll tell you straight up; it will not be easy. There are plenty of things you need to consider. This is where business brokers can be very useful. To give you a better understanding of how this type of broker can benefit you, here's a look at what business brokers can bring to the table.

Finding Potential Qualified Buyers

There are plenty of investors out there, but not a lot of them are qualified to buy your business. The job of business brokers is to find potential buyers that are qualified to buy your business. Good business brokers can ask the right questions to filter out potential buyers and find out which buyer is a perfect fit for your business and to you as well.

Taking Advantage of Increased Exposure

Marketing your business takes more than just placing an ad online, on television, radio or even print. When you hire a business broker, you automatically gain access to that broker's list of potential buyers. Matchmaking is an integral part of business selling, and a business broker can do that for you.


One of the main challenges of selling a business is to maintain secrecy while promoting the sale. When you are representing yourself when marketing your business, hiding the identity of the company for purchase becomes impossible. Business brokers, on the other hand, can act as a buffer or intermediary, thereby ensuring your customers, suppliers and even employees from learning that your business is for sale. That knowledge can be very detrimental to you, the business owner in the long run.

Negotiation Assistance

Since we are already on the topic of mediation, business brokers can mediate the sale of a business. This is a better process since you will be able to negotiate with the potential buyer a lot better. That way, you and the buyer will both get favourable terms during the negotiation.

Financial Assistance

Employing the help of a business broker gives you access to the broker's network of financial organisations like banks, SBA and private lenders. These contacts can prove valuable for helping potential buyers finance the acquisition of your business. The result will be a faster transaction process.

As you can see, business brokers bring a lot to the table regarding selling businesses. By hiring one when you intend to market your business, not only will you be ensuring that the sale will become as smooth as possible, you are also ensuring that you get the most out of your investment. It's a win-win situation, whichever way you look at it.

Exploring Clarence Valley

Angourie Beach
Angourie Beach

For anyone looking to take a campervan hire australia journey, you would be highly advised to consider stopping through the Clarence Valley region. This golden area is truly one of the most legendary stretches of coast in the country, not to mention the world, featuring hundreds of miles of epic water views, amazing beaches, and an abundance of outdoor activities from watersports to hiking. If your vision of the perfect Australian road trip is sunsets on the water, lush forests, great weather, and water for miles then Clarence Valley is your perfection region and you should plan on spending a lot of time here. You won’t regret it.


Angourie Beach


This is Australia’s first National Surfing Reserve, and you will see why when you behold the perfect breaks just off shore. If you’re an avid boarder, then by all means get out and catch a few since this is one of the most legendary surfing spots in the country, which is really saying a lot. Each year many thousands venture to Angourie to experience these mythic breaks. If you aren’t into surfing and are just looking for a nice beach day, then there are plenty of stretches just off the main surf area that are perfect for this with their temperate waters and white sands. This laid back area is known for friendly locals and a funky vibe, so be prepared to spend a day in what many feel are paradise.


Ten Mile Beach


This stretch of pristine, undeveloped beach is truly gorgeous and fully worth a visit. There are some legendary surfing spots that you will want to check out if you’re a boarder, not to mention spots for canoeing, swimming, and fishing. This is also a very popular campervan destination with many areas for camping out all over the beach area. The stretch of area by Woody Head is particularly popular for those on a campervan hire australia journey. You can camp out right on the beach, waking up to the waves and taking in the sunsets in the evenings, while spending your days taking part in any of the many activities to be had on this golden stretch of shore.


Grafton Regional Gallery


This is the top cultural spot in the Clarence valley region and a terrific place to learn about the rich history of the area. Here you will find the Prentice House which is a perfectly preserved example of a 19th century residence in the area. The Gallery itself has a collection of over 1,500 works not to mention many traveling galleries and exhibits from around the world. This is known to be one of the most well-curated and architecturally impressive galleries in the country. If you’re looking to take a break from the beaches and get some culture, then this is the place to do it.


Maclean Lookout


Since you’ve been spending so much time at ground level exploring the region, it will do you some good to get up high and check out the view from above. Just a short drive from Ten Mile Beach you can get to the lookout that features an epic view of the entire area from the miles of pristine water, all the way up the coast, to the area inland. You can spot each town, each section of beach, and the major roads of the region. This will give you a good grasp on the area and help you understand the region during the rest of your journey.


Yuraygir National Park


This stretch of wilderness is truly epic and has long been a favorite for campervan travelers. Here you will find unbelievable rock cliff formations, lakes, and unspoiled beaches surrounded by lush forests, wetlands regions, and heaths galore. This is unspoiled Australian wilderness at its absolute finest, and perfect for camping out. There are a variety of campervan spots right in the park that offer the perfect opportunity to camp out on the beaches, in the forests, or even at elevated heights. This park is massive, which means it seems less crowded than other major parks. There is the chance you can spend a leisurely afternoon on an unspoiled beach as the lone visitor. You just can’t find this type of opportunity in many other places that Yuraygir National Park.


Anyone looking to experience the golden sunshine, unspoiled beaches, and epic scenery of Australian coast will most definitely want to check out Clarence Valley. Here you can see all the legendary surfer beaches, check out the miles of undeveloped coast, and explore the lush forests of the region. You can take part in any of the dozens of activities in the area or simply enjoy a number of relaxing days on the beach, then Clarence Valley is an absolute must for your campervan hire australia journey.


The importance of a positive work culture

Workplace culture and hiring for cultural fit are the big topics in the world of recruitment these days, and if you’re an employer, then you really should be paying close attention to what’s being said. With the world’s best talent now seemingly more interested in a potential employer’s workplace culture than the salary on offer, it’s time to take a look at the importance of fostering a positive working environment.


What is workplace culture?

Your workplace culture is the environment that you provide for your employees to work in but it doesn’t just mean air-conditioned buildings and soft seats. The culture is everything from the brand’s values and mission to how higher-level management interact with staff. And yes, it also includes those nice cookies in the coffee room.


Why is it so important?

For many years, employees were simply glad to be in a job with prospects, but in recent times more and more people are choosing to work for socially responsible companies and those that care for their employees.

It’s no longer so much about the number on their paycheque at the end of each month as it is about the fact that they enjoy going to work. They want to feel engaged and challenged at work and to feel appreciated for the job that they do. And more often than not, they prefer that this appreciation is shown as benefits or a sense of care and understanding from their employers. And once they feel rewarded and appreciated, they are inclined to work harder and produce better results.


So how do I foster a positive work culture?

Creating a positive working environment isn’t quite as easy as it seems. You can have all the best intentions in the world, but if you hire the wrong people, then there’s nothing you can do about the environment they themselves create.

You must first decide on the direction you would like to take in terms of office culture. Your culture should embrace who you are as an employer and the personalities and needs of your current staff. Then when this is clearly defined, any new employees that you hire must be a good cultural fit so they integrate well with your team.


What things can I do to improve the culture?

Implement an open-door policy at your office and allow every member of your staff the opportunity to speak with the owners and senior-level management. Give credit where it’s due and reward employees by allowing them to challenge themselves through ongoing training.

Other benefits or perks that you can offer could include help with childcare or kids at work days, company outings, and a more casual dress code. Employees also appreciate the ability to work from home from time to time, and if you were to offer them the option of a novated lease, then you could help them save money on tax when buying a new car.

Any one of the above perks and benefits will make your employees happy but implementing most or even all of them will create a positive working environment that will turn your employees into your biggest brand ambassadors.


Whether it’s through ongoing training, remote work, or a simple novated lease, the way you show your employees that you appreciate their efforts and care about their needs could be the difference between success and failure. Yes, it really is that important because as we said, the best talent in your industry no longer cares too much about money. Now they care about benefits and, most importantly, your work culture.

As Australia's largest car finance broker, Stratton Finance know a thing or two about loans and finance. With over two decades of experience in the field they are one of the most trusted authorities in the industry.


The benefits of salary sacrificing your car

Salary sacrificing your car has a certain ring to it that speaks of business people that drive company cars. However, this is a convenient and tax-saving form of finance that is open to practically anyone in gainful employment. But what exactly is salary sacrificing and do the benefits make it worthwhile? Let’s take a quick look.

Salary sacrificing your car also goes by another name, one which you may be quite familiar with – the novated lease. What happens in this kind of financing arrangement is that you, the employee, use part of your salary to pay for your new car. All you need is an employer who is willing to offer salary packaging and these days most companies are happy enough to do so. Once your boss in on board, you take a look at a novated car lease calculator, figure out how much you can afford to spend, and then start shopping for a new car.

Sacrificing part of your salary to pay for a new car sounds pretty reasonable, right? After all, it’s what you do every month when you pay your rent, buy your groceries, and pay your light bill; you sacrifice part of your income.

The difference here though is that the part of your salary that you ‘sacrifice’ for your car is taken out of your pay packet before you pay any tax.

Wait, what?

Okay, you’re interested now so let’s just get straight to the benefits, shall we?

You pay less tax

It’s a big one so let’s get to it right away. With the novated lease (salary sacrificing your car) any monthly or weekly payments come directly from your wages before you pay any tax. That means that this portion of your salary in untaxed. Yes, we did say untaxed – the finest word in the English language.

It’s convenient

If you ever find yourself fretting on certain days of the month about whether your account has enough money to pay the car loan, then this kind of deal is perfect for you. With a novated lease the lease payments, running costs, and fringe benefits tax (FBT) come directly out of your salary saving you a lot of stress.

You have buying power

As the novated lease is NOT a lease for a company car, you are free to choose the car of your choice. Once you have calculated your novated lease payments, you can head out shopping for any car within your budget and not the standard model in the company fleet.

It’s yours

Yes, as we mentioned, this is not a company lease but a personal finance product. This means that when you opt to salary sacrifice your new car, you don’t have to remain in the job until you finish your lease term.

It’s flexible

Most financiers who offer salary sacrificing products such as the novated lease are willing to allow you to choose terms of anywhere from 12 to 60 months.

The car is cheaper

With salary packaging, the financier applies an input tax credit which removes the GST from the amount needed to finance the car. This means that in the long run, you pay less for your car as you borrow a GST-free amount.


We’re sure you’ll agree, the benefits of salary sacrificing are hard to ignore, and while it may not be the perfect option for everyone, it’s certainly worth asking your employer about it. Take a look at this novated car lease calculator, and you’ll get a good idea of just how much money you could save using this method to finance your new car.

A new car, less tax, lower repayments? What more could you ask for.

As Australia's largest car finance broker, Stratton Finance know a thing or two about loans and finance. With over two decades of experience in the field they are one of the most trusted authorities in the industry.